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To make rice chips we need rice flour,black cumin, salt and hot water. First of we have to mix flour, black cumin and salt in hot water then boil it until become sticky. Then making it like chips dry it in sunlight.

  1. Take flour of rice (chamal) and pour it into hot water,
  2. Add black cumin and salt as per need,
  3. Boil the mixture until it beomes sticky (ledo in Nepali)
  4. Let the mixture cool down,
  5. Then taking small amount of mixture using hands and putting them on old bed sheet or whatever in sunlight,
  6. Dry those chips for minimum two days in sunlight or until it becomes hard.
  7. Fry the chips into oil and serve in breatfast or in lunch. Note:-We can add other ingredients like chilli powder, turmeric powder to add taste. 

Target Location :

Rural as well as advanced area

Target Audience :


Scope :

Benefit :

  • Can be started with small investment and with small number of manpower.
  • Easy to make and store.
  • People will be employed.
  • Anyone can start their business.

Early Feedbacks from People:

I think, Rice chips will be one of the best product, if it will be started as business, it will took over large place in market. This will be one of the best opportunity to uplift anyone's living status.

Business Plan

Estimated Human Resources :
  • Minimum: Two person
  • Maximum: More than two person

Purpose :

The main purpose is to uplift the living status of people living in rural areas. They can start their own business with low investment, so that they have not to work under other and also they will have high living standard. 

Problem :

The main problem is awarness among people about such simple idea, because of which they can start their own business.

Solution :

The solution to above problem is making people know about such simple and useful ideas, by the help of which they will have knowledge about how to start their own business in low investment.

Timeline :

3-4 days

Market Research :

There are lots of Rice Chips product in market but as this is the idea about the Rice Chips that are homemade in village areas,and this has its own taste. So, this product will be different from other products found in market.

Intended Customer :


Technology Required :

There is no any specific Technology require for this product but if anyone want to establish their own idustry, then might they need technology like this:

  • To make flour from rice, they might need their own machine.
  • Rather than drying wet chips in sunlight, they need drying machine.
  • Rather than making chips manually, they might machine to give chips different shape and size.

Minimum Investment Required :

NPR. 2000.0000

Maximum Investment Required :

NPR. 10000.0000

Estimated Profit Per Year :


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  • m!rAge
    m!rAge   (1/6/2016)

    wow looks so crunchy, wanna taste it soon :v

  • Nirmal Mishra
    Nirmal Mishra   (1/6/2016)

    Looks Great..Keep it up

  • Roushan Chaudhary
    Roushan Chaudhary   (1/8/2016)

    Looks yummy!!! I want to taste it... :)

  • Amit Ranjan
    Amit Ranjan   (1/8/2016)

    It looks delicious... :)

  • Shashank Singh
    Shashank Singh   (1/8/2016)

    Its awesome...

  • Raghunath
    Raghunath   (1/8/2016)

    Crispyyyyy... :)

  • Rahul Kumar
    Rahul Kumar   (1/10/2016)

    Crunchy and yummy!!!

  • dude
    dude   (1/12/2016)

    Wow!!!! so much human rights!!!! sorry :(

  • Sweta
    Sweta   (1/16/2016)

    Its innovation of rice into crunchy chips!

  • Preety
    Preety   (1/19/2016)

    Wow rice chips, yummmm!

  • bas_pu
    bas_pu   (1/28/2016)

    Aja chai I did..

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