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After SLC will help students to achieve the goals for their higher education. It will provide counselling services, books and materials, information booklets, free tickets and passes for seminars and will organise education and career counselling programs.

What after S.L.C ? This is probably the biggest question that grips those who are about to cross this stage. While some might have planned their career carefully and relevantly, it is likely that others simply haven't. There is inadequate knowledge and information about the career prospects available in Nepal. And many students seem totally confused and most of them in peer pressure choose random subjects which are not of their subject interest. As a consequence, they lack their confidence to pursue their interest. A smartly selected career offers many opportunities while a silly choice leads to nowhere.

The idea is to establish a central office in Kathmandu providing every possible means to support the students. It will ocassionally organize programs throughout the country in order to provide awareness and local level support.

Target Location :

All Nepal

Target Audience :

SLC, +2 Graduated Students, Undergraduate and Graduate Students

Scope :

Benefit :

After SLC may help students discover career possibilities they wouldn't have thought of otherwise. Ater SLC can guide students into achieving what they want with their life. It focues on looking at all underlying factors that can aid in persuing students goal and provides range of modalities to benefit the students with their future career. After SLC is a symbol that helps students to accomplish their higher studies. It is perhaps the newest and crucial concept that every student should have in their basic foundation stage of their career. It doesn't teach a student rather guides what the best he/she need to be taught.

After SLC focues on looking at all underlying factors that can aid in persuing students goal and provides range of modalities to benefit the students to nurture their future career.

Early Feedbacks from People:

Students are having hard time to find out right path for their future ambitions. There is no way to get accurate information about colleges and universities which really help students. Some of the schools only guide their students to choose the right course. Lots of students are in need of a career counselling center like After SLC.

Business Plan

Estimated Human Resources :


Purpose :

Students are the future of a nation! Proper guidance and mentoring aids students to achieve their goals that ultimately helps to shape the future of a country. Many countries spend lots of resources to achieve this goal.

They are infact the foundation on which a strong, vibrant Nepal shall be built. The main purpose of After SLC will be to achieve following objectives:

  1. Analyze the weakness and strength of the students
  2. Get best counseling from experts of different fields
  3. Choose the right directions and craft their career
  4. Reflection on students' likes and dislikes, need and wants

Problem :

Career planning is a crucial part of students life. Many students seems totally confused in chosing right decision about their career.  So with this counseling center individual student can be independent enough to take right decision about their career and can choose the best college suitable for their career.

Many students do not realize that choosing the right course to study is just as important as getting the right job. Most of them are greatly influenced by their friends' choice and thus make the mistake of following their friends' choices to enroll in the same course to be with their friends. Sure, it would be fun to study with your friends but in the long run, it is the course and not your friends, which is important in determining your future.

On the other hand, there are some students who are so confused by the choices that they leave it to their parents to make the decisions. To a certain aspect, it may be right to ask your parents' decisions but you have to keep in mind that you are the one who will be studying the course, not your folks. Your parents can give you advice but you have to like the course in order to study for it. Furthermore if you have a liking for the course, you will enjoy the process of studying it.

Solution :

After SLC, there always arise a big confusion among students about in which college to enroll, which faculty to choose and which step will act as the best potter to mould mind in the appropriate way. Moreover, there is separate expectation from the family, society and peer pressure.

So After SLC counselling center

  • makes every student capable of making their own decision that suits their priority, interest, capacity and decision.
  • removes misconception about choosing easier and shorter courses. For example, your fellow could say that the engineering course is too tough and that it is relatively longer than the business course. Hearing that, you decide to take his advice and pick the business course over the engineering course. This is one mistake that you will be doing. Your choice of course should rely on your interest and ability and not on whether the course is short or easy.
  • provide facts, accurate resources about chosing courses whether it will be useful to you when you graduate or not. Helps you to investigate if the course is recognized globally.

Timeline :

3-5 years

Market Research :

After resarching in many fields, we found that there are no institution for SLC passed students where they can get proper counseling about their career. Based on the needs and wants of those students, we decided to open a counseling center so that they can carefully craft their career.

We are not only meant for SLC apperaring or passed students but also their family members so that they might find it benificial. A large amount of promotional scheme will be done in the educational institutions along with many visual media, if permitted. We will take advantage of many social networking sites like facebook, twitter, etc. for fast and wide coverage of students.

Besides, we have a plan to advertise in newspaper – a reliable source of printed media. We are discussing on the matters to advertise first through newspaper so that not only the desired student will understand our institution but also the general public which will furthur do the job of marketing for their close ones. Furthurmore, We will also take part in different eduactional fairs for the publicity of our business.

Intended Customer :

SLC, +2 Graduate students

Schools, Colleges

Technology Required :

Building a website with following features:

  • Live Chat Software and Help Desk Software
  • Online Students Forum
  • General Information about Colleges, Universities and Academic Programs

Telephone Support

Advertisment through Social Media

Seminars and Career Programs

Minimum Investment Required :

NPR. 500000.0000

Maximum Investment Required :

NPR. 1000000.0000

Estimated Profit Per Year :

NPR. 250000

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