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The basic concept of this idea is to produce hassle free electric energy at home just by paddling the paddles of bi-cycle.

Everybody does exercise to be healthy. What if the same exercise could be coverted into something useful and something meaningful? So bi-cycle energy is a kind of concept that makes the use of energy stored in one form to be useful in another form.  There are still many homes in many villages in Nepal where people havent known what electricity is. Even in our homes we face the problem of power cut off and lack of electricity. We can't charge our phones and our gagdets,we cant study properly due to lack of electricity and cannot run any appliance that needs electricity. We in this developing country face this problem every year. So in order to solve this problem this idea comes in with a unique solution 

A solution that is feasible,practical and cost efficient. The time you seperate for your exercise can now be more useful for you as well as your home. Basically what happens here is that while you sit to burn up your calories you paddle in the bicycle for 1-2 hrs the time you paddle the energy you produced while paddling will be stored in the battery and further it can be used in any way we want. It just is a cycle with little engineering done on it. Here you just sit like you sit in a normal cyle paddle like a normal cycle and while cycling the custom made powerful dynamo rotates creating electric energy form your mechanical energy stores it in the battery and further can be used. The more you paddle the more energy you get the more energy you get more operational your electric energy can get. You just need to paddle for 1-2 hrs a day and get electricity for rest of the day. This idea is mainly helpful to those area there is no electricity, They can use this,they can get electricity they can have a better way of living. If they just have electricity then they can study they, they can get knowledege they can light their homes,they can access information they can have a better life they can be educated. 


Target Location :

All the place where people need it.

Target Audience :

All the people who are in need of alternative source of energy to light up there houses and who are in need of electricity.

Scope :

Benefit :

The benefit of practicing this idea is that people will be able to get free electricity anywhere and at anytime. they don't have to wait for the various hydro-power projects to be launched inorder to get electricity supply at their homes. instead they just need to install the accessories required for the generation of cycle energy and do some exercise at their places i.e. for 1-2 hrs which will act as a unlimited source of energy. however, paddling the cycle also makes contributions for the well being of ones health.The entire process has no such disadvantage except the fact that the person may get tired due to excess burning of the body fuel(calories) which however makes a person healthier as cycling is a good form of exercise. It is a clean form of energy as it doesn' t create any kind of environmental pollution.

Early Feedbacks from People:

This idea is getting good and valuable feedback from the people and has seen a potentiality of getting implemented.

Business Plan

Estimated Human Resources :

The Estimated Human Resorce include

-Skilled manpower for reengineering and re designing the product better way.

- Local manpower for making the needed parts of the product

- Labourers for taking the furnished product to the needed areas.



Purpose :

The main purpose of this idea is "Produce your energy Yourself" which means if you need clean hassle free energy you can just exercise or paddle for some time and light up your house for rest of the time.

Problem :

This idea mainly solves the problem of electric energy crisis that occur in a home or a locality. Here people in the rural areas don't have any access to electrcity even if they have they have it for a limited period of time so the problems Include

-No electricity

-No light 

-Have to waste time and effort in the finding resources that can be done by electricity in a short span of time(E.g people to search for firewood for making food so if they have electricity in their homes they can make their food in electricity and use the other time for something productive).

Solution :

In order to overcome the problem mentioned above this idea provides a unique solution as given below

- People dont need to go anywhere to get electricity they can produce it themselves in their homes

-This idea has a two way benifit i.e while paddling the paddles of the cycle for some moment people get exercised along with it they produce electricity intending to keep them healthy as well.

-If people have lights in their homes they can get access to education too.Here the current scenario is like people dont have electricity in their homes so they can't study. Implementing this idea people get electricity which makes them stay more hours in the night for study which eventually leads to progress of the society.

Timeline :

Stage 1 : To start up and run a fully functional     workshop.

Stage 2 : Turning the idea into reality.

Stage 3 : Promoting the project so that people get to know what they dont have and what then can get.

Stage 4 : Taking the product to the place where there is no electricity and where people are desperately in the need of it.

Stage 5 : Taking feedbacks from the people using this product.

Stage 6 : Encouraging more and more inverstors to invest in the project to make the project large.

Stage 7 : Adding more manpower to contribute more and more to the society.

Stage 8 : Attracting the foreign inverstors too and taking this idea to a whole new level.

Stage 9 : Creating spaces for new and creative ideas to come. 

Market Research :

According to the general context of Nepal we always have the problem of loadshedding even though we have a huge potential of electricity generation. We lack somewhere,may be we dont have investments, may be we dont have sufficient manpower etc. We know we need electricity for our day to day life. If we dont have it our life becomes troublesome. So the market needs some thing like this idea that can provide you with clean hassle free energy along with it keep you healthy and fit. 

Intended Customer :

-People who are in need of electricity

-People who want to waste their energy to gain some other energy

-People who want clean and green energy.

Technology Required :

-The technology required here is the use of powerful dynamos,batteries and small electric circuts for showing the level of charged battery.

-A feedback program that lets us know in case of any problem in the product.

Minimum Investment Required :

NPR. 30000.0000

Maximum Investment Required :

NPR. 600000.0000

Estimated Profit Per Year :

NPR. 10000 along with Clean Energy production,Better way of life of people,Local development

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  • Pragyan Subedi
    Pragyan Subedi   (1/26/2016)

    I would certainly get one of these if it the idea molds into a shape. Pretty sweet :)

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