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The plan is to develop the first of a series of books with hands-on activities for children/adolescents to experience and learn about their heritage—cultural and natural heritage.

This first handbook within a series will be the general one and will cover a variety of ‘learn and do’ activities for children within the different areas of heritage—natural and cultural.

A CD will accompany the handbook and provide a close-up audio-visual experience of the topics covered in the book.

Later, separate activity booklets will be developed by theme within each area of heritage. For example, within Cultural Heritage, separate booklets will focus on, for example, Built heritage, Traditional Crafts and Festivals. Within the area of Natural heritage, separate books will be developed on Rivers, Trees/Forests, Wildlife, etc.

The content of the books will link naturally with topics in the national curriculum. Therefore, trainings will be offered to teachers on how to use the books.

Earning will be from selling the package (activity books and CD) to schools and to a wider audience through bookstores.

Target Location :

First hand book for Kathmandu Valley

Target Audience :

Students and teachers

Scope :

Benefit :

Through fun and engaging activities described in the handbook, children will get a chance to ‘interact’ with aspects of their heritage in a way they probably have never before, as much of our heritage tends to be taken for granted.

The books will enrich the learning experience of topics covered in the social studies and science curriculums.

Early Feedbacks from People:

Business Plan

Estimated Human Resources :

Illustrators , Photographers

Purpose :

For children/adolescents to experience and learn about heritage through fun and hands on activities.

To enrich the learning experience of topics related to heritage covered in the social studies curriculums.


Problem :

The general indifferent attitude towards heritage seems connected to the lack of opportunities from a young age to learn about these heritage in fun and engaging ways.

Solution :

A hand book and cd with fun and hands on actitivies to interact with our cultural and natural heritage.

Timeline :

- research and select contents for the first hand book

- hiring of photographer

- develop 'learn and do' activities and cd

- hiring of illustrator

- priniting of the draft hand book

- piloting of the first hand book with students and teachers

- revising the handbook with feed back collected

- final printing and selling of the hand book at schools and book storres

Market Research :


Intended Customer :

Schools, teachers, parents and other organisation working with children

Technology Required :

Camera, CDs

Minimum Investment Required :

NPR. 350000.0000

Maximum Investment Required :

NPR. 500000.0000

Estimated Profit Per Year :

NPR. 450000


  • Nishan
    Nishan   (1/31/2016)

    Our Heritage, our pride

  • Nishan Aryal
    Nishan Aryal   (1/31/2016)

    This is Test for IP Address

  • Prem G.
    Prem G.   (2/3/2016)

    Great concept.

  • Jasmin
    Jasmin   (2/3/2016)

    Great idea!

  • Lisa
    Lisa   (2/4/2016)

    Great idea: Very good to support both cultural and natural heritage. Very good to support the national curriculum. Very good to provide hands-on-activities. Children are more likely to enjoy and remember!

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