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Bridging the distance barrier between doctor & patient. Provides health services at different rural areas where expert doctor solution are not avaliable through our available expert doctors team. Work as a platform between doctor's and different small scale clinic around the country.

Here we are as a platform between doctor and patient/clinic. People from different rural areas of country are not geting proper health service and diagnosis of their medical problem or proper report processing. so we provide channel and medium for the report sending and geting from doctors from their own place. Its like Electronic Medical service. Geting Medical report at the place where you are staying from the expert doctor staying at far enought of your reach.

Our main objective is to provides health services at different rural areas where expert doctor solution are not avaliable through our available expert doctors team and connected clinic team at different areas.

overall features and functionality of your app.

-Clinical users from different region sends the patient record to referred doctor

-Required images can be captured from the app 

-provide notification to patient to provide report and can view their report

-list down patient record to doctor who are under their observation

-maintains doctors profile for viewing their daily patient and reports

-maintains vendors pofile for sending and receving the reports of their patients.

Target Location :

Different Areas of Nepal

Target Audience :

Clinic, NGO and INGO who are providing health service, health posts.

Scope :

Benefit :

Patients get their medical report and checkup from expert doctor through app 
doctors can view their patients detail from app and provide prescription and get paied as well. Clinical user/vendors send e-report through app for reknown doctor's prescription and earn form it as well.

Early Feedbacks from People:

Business Plan

Estimated Human Resources :

Purpose :

Problem :

Solution :

Timeline :

Market Research :

Intended Customer :

Technology Required :

-Any Smart Phone


Minimum Investment Required :


Maximum Investment Required :


Estimated Profit Per Year :


12 Comments on “Distance Clinic Service”

  • Taman Neupane
    Taman Neupane   (1/27/2016)

    Sahi concept

  • ishwor
    ishwor   (1/27/2016)

    nice job

  • nirmal
    nirmal   (1/27/2016)

    the great concept.. full support from me

  • Sundar
    Sundar   (1/27/2016)

    Good idea....

  • Sushil
    Sushil   (1/27/2016)

    Good Job

  • Sudip Ghimire
    Sudip Ghimire   (1/27/2016)

    This is how Nepal is being technically changed.... Great Concept (Y) (Y).

  • ganga
    ganga   (1/27/2016)

    good idea

  • Nirajan
    Nirajan   (1/28/2016)

    Very good job...keep it up

  • Nayan
    Nayan   (1/28/2016)

    Very good idea....

  • subash
    subash   (1/28/2016)

    Nice concept

  • Ksodari
    Ksodari   (1/30/2016)

    la keep up, nice concept

  • Prekshya
    Prekshya   (1/31/2016)

    Gr8 concept. ..keep it up

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