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Easy Diners is a mobile application that will run on all major OS. It will help the diners to find nearby fine dining, go through served menus and other details

Easy Diners is a mobile application. It will be served on all mobile OS and platforms. Through this app, someone looking for a nearby restaurant shall get the location, contact details as well as the menu served. The location shall be shown in map. The app will also consist a system for reservation. The clients (restaurants) will be able to attract more diners via various discount offers.

The map will show whether the restaurants are open or not and will also feature if any special event in going on. So, this will provide an ideal experience for smartphone users who are in dilemma of finding out a better place to dine and spend some wonderful time with friends, colleagues or family.

Customers shall be able to rate and share their experience for both: app as well as the restaurants. This will also help us rank the restaurant and provide the business owners an opportunity to grow and improve their service.

Customers shall be able to browse for dining places on the basis of menus served, location, price range as well as other specifications.

This app will also have receipes for those who would prefer trying something different in their own place. Thousands of recipes shall be available online with feature of saving them offline too for future use. Various other tips shall also be available to making dining experience a better one, be it in a restaurant, fine diners or at home. 

The app will be monetized and restaurants willing to be listed will have to pay small monthly charge. (planned to be near Rs. 1000)

How is the app intended to work?

  • Search for restaurants on the basis of location, cuisine, price range or specific food item.
  • Markers showing restaurant status (open, closed, full, special events going on)
  • Promotional offers from us (app owner) as well as restaurants.
  • Restaurants review
  • Featured restaurants
  • Restaurants promotions
  • Customer review for the restaurants

Business Plan:

  1. Marketting team: This team will comprise students basically with provision of stipend on commission basis with flexible working hour provided.
  2. Technical team: This team will be responsible for app management and everything in the technical end.
  3. Admin: This team will control all other teams and track progress and development of the business. 

Business Development Phase:

  1. App and website development
  2. Marketting among restaurants and app promotion
  3. Massive app promotion
  4. Marketting for advertisements

Profit Calculation (Tentative)

100 restaurants X Rs 500 monthly = 50,000 per month

Rs 50,000 x 12 months = 600,000

Operation cost = Rs 400,000, Profit = 200,000


Target Location :

Restaurants and hotels all over Nepal

Target Audience :

Restaurants, hotels, consumers

Scope :

Benefit :

Easy to install and use.

Discount offers

Easy promotion for restaurants and related businesses

Online and offline recipes

Early Feedbacks from People:

This app could be helpful for consumers as well as the restaurants as this app will help consumers find appropriate restaurants and vice versa.

Business Plan

Estimated Human Resources :

8 Staffs

3 for marketting team

1 for technical support

2 for content management

1 for social networking and promotion

1 for overall monitoring

Purpose :

  • Bring the consumers and restaurants closer
  • Make dining experience a fine one
  • Help restaurant owners to promote and improve their business

Problem :

  • Restaurants with high popularity could find this app less helpful
  • Restaurants away from city area could find difficulty in attracting consumers

Solution :

  • Showing prospects to the owners which can help them grow to even higher level of business
  • Dedicated promotions for the restaurants less popular so that they can attract effective number of consumers.

Timeline :

Week 1: Research with some restaurants and diners

Week 2: App development starts

Week 3,4,5: Promotion and business meetings

Week 6: Official launch

Market Research :

There are apps showing location of businesses and landmarks however, this shall stand as the only app dedicated for dining service. So, this application has huge prospect for restaurant businesses as well as home cooks. You will get to learn recipes from your smartphones. 

Intended Customer :

Diners, Restaurants, Home cooks, chefs, hotel management students

Technology Required :

  1. Dedicated web server
  2. Android app
  3. iOS app
  4. responsive website

Minimum Investment Required :

NPR. 200000.0000

Maximum Investment Required :

NPR. 500000.0000

Estimated Profit Per Year :

NPR. 200000

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