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A website and a mobile application through which the users can share their study notes, tutorials (audio, video or text), guides, question banks and text books to other users of the application.

As a student, I find it very hard to find the notes, old question sets, guides, references and other learning materials online on a single website or app. I am quite sure you might have also wandered around different websites to find the right study materials. It takes a lot of time and a lot browsing too to the study materials of different subjects and different levels on internet. But just imagine how easy it might be for you if you're able to find IoE question bank for yourself and a class 8 DLE old question set, let's say for your sister.

We're trying to put all the study materials (notes, tutorials, question banks, guides, books, etc) from lower-secondary level to masters level on a single server and you can access it using our websites or mobile application. We just trying to create an e-library with tons of study materials but with a proper indexing so that it'll be very easy for you to find anything you need. We'll also be a shareboard where you can get the materials that has been shared from Yotube or KhanAcademy. Our websites and application will also have an effective feedback system using which you can rate and comment every materials. Similarly, users can also give free mock tests of entrance exams or other exams.


This project will consist of creating a mobile app and website that will include books, notes, question banks, guides, tutorials, mock tests, etc. for scholars of different level. The main objective of this product is to help students and teachers by easily making available all the references they require on a click or a touch.  With high number of students wandering the internet for right educational materials, the product is likely to achieve favourable reviews as it will also give them freedom to share their materials to public or to a group of friends.

With less capital required even for developing a qualitative website and mobile app and marketing through social networking almost free, we intend to use most of our capital on developing proper educational materials so that the users can use our product with ease. Success on national scale will inspire us to go global with our product.

Target Location :

All Nepal

Target Audience :

Students and teachers

Scope :

Benefit :

The benifits are discussed below:

  • Since you'll be able to find many things on a single place, your time and data will be saved.
  • Users will also get suggestions and advices on how to perform well in exam or secure a better mark.
  • The study materials are available free or at nominal costs so it'll help users save money.

Early Feedbacks from People:

The early feedback especially from my friends were good. They liked the idea about a complete educational portal as it will be helpful to students of different level. A teacher of mine has suggested to make the product more interactive with the help of a virtual classroom.

Business Plan

Estimated Human Resources :

The human resource required and run our product are:-

  1. App developers/designers - 3
  2. Business developers - 2
  3. Librarian/reference person - 1
  4. Typist - 2

Total human resource required - 8

Purpose :

The main purposes of Educati-ON-line are:-

  • To prepare students for different tests/exams through mock tests available in our product.
  • To save students’ time and money by making available educational materials almost free of cost and bundled together.
  • To make scholars more familiar with ‘e-learning’.

Problem :

The number of people using internet and smartphones for educational purpose in on rise. But users satisfaction towards educational materials available online is not increasing. This is mainly due to poor quality and less number of standard materials available online. It is time-consuming for students to wander from one site to other for materials as they aren’t available in a single portal.

Solution :

The best solution for e-learning problem like above especially in the context of Nepal it to make everything available for free and in a single portal to save the time of users. Also, sorting books, notes, etc. in a simple way to make it easier for users is also a good option and having mock tests and question banks will help students prepare for exams.

Timeline :

Development phase:-

Duration :- 5 months

In the starting phase we’ll be developing and designing the app and also create business and marketing plans so that it’ll be easy for us to implement our product in future.


Implementation phase:-

Duration - 3 months

In this phase we’ll implement our product (app and a website) and record the feedback and surgestion of the users. Simultaneously, we’ll also marketise our product. This phase will help us to refine our product and marketise it to the general public.


Operational phase:-

After completion of above phases, the product will go in full operation as a company. Implementation of different business plans will take place in this phase to generate revenue and make our product self-sustainable. 

Market Research :

There are many educational websites and apps available online but almost none of them have educational materials dedicated to the users from Nepal leaving a big gap which we are aiming to fulfil.

The number of secondary, high-school and university level students is huge - over 1.5 million. Every year a new batch os students are enrolled and the number of students is growing providing us with the potentiality of increased number of users every year. The market size, which in this context is secondary, high-school and university level students and teachers, is huge plus the growth in number of students is also positive.

The growth potential for us is massive as we'll be expanding to more high schools boards, universities and the students of other level and intend not to limit ourself within the country. By providing relevant study materials and connecting users for discussion as well we expect that there will be increase in our user base which will certainly expand our target market and end users.

Intended Customer :

Our intended customers are:

  • General users
  • Publication houses
  • educational institutions.

Technology Required :

Minimum Investment Required :

NPR. 60000.0000

Maximum Investment Required :

NPR. 250000.0000

Estimated Profit Per Year :

NPR. 40000

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