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This concept is very popular in developed countries Like USA, UK, Australia and this concept has always benefit the patient specially Elderly group who are dependent and require 24 hours care.

Today’s life style especially in the city is getting very busy due to which love and care towards the family members especially to the elders is very less. So, we have come with the concept of in house care giver service.

We are trying to implement idea of 24/7 hours in house care service and promote the wellbeing of the old age group  through the  trained certified or trained Nurse / Care givers. We will be following the international standard and often trained by International trainers.

It will be more beneficial to those childrens who can’t spend much time to look after their parents due to work schedule but able to afford the cost associated with it.  At the same time, it could be vital services to those childrens who are living  in abroad and want to care their beloved parents back home in Nepal. We will be providing different professional services to the patient at their door steps not just the care services but the following services:

·         On call physician service

·         Medication delivery

·         Physiotherapy service

·         Lab service

·         24x 7 care services

·         Pet therapy etc

This concept will not just help the busy work schedule children but promote overall lifestyle of the elderly people and solve the increasing social problems too.


Target Location :

Kathmandu, Bhaktapur and Patan

Target Audience :

VIP, Diplomats, Business person, Elite class and parents of those children’s who are settled abroad.

Scope :

Benefit :

·         We will be produceing internationally trained care giver which will increase the standard of the service.

·         We will be creating new jobs and new opportunity to the nurses or care giver

·         We will be promoting well being of the elderly people and keep away from the common old age problems

·         We will be employing at least 20% disable people to handle the call centre and more than 70% will be female care giver and 10% Male. 

·         We will be providing regular job and competitive salary to the employee.

Early Feedbacks from People:

Thank you for the feedbacks. We will be including many services at the later days including patient / Elderly care transportation services etc

Business Plan

Estimated Human Resources :

Physician/ Specialist (On call)             -1

Nurse (full time/ on call)                      -2

Manager cum marketing executive      -1

Administrative staff                           -1

Receptionist                                     -1

Care Givers (Full/Part time/on call) -   10                              

Motor Bike driver ( Transportation)     -1

Purpose :

During Old age, Elder people act just like small children and require love, care and attention too however, due the rapid modernization and work pressure everyone especially aged 22 - 40 is under lot of work pressure due to which they lack quality family time with their family. The main purpose is to Promote the well being of the elderly people by providing them the health care service at their door step and keep them physically and mentally strong as much as possible by creating different activities that contributes towards the healthy life style.

Problem :

  • Lack of quality Elderly care facility
  • Lack of knowledge on Elderly care service
  • Lack of Government policies on promoting elders health care
  • Lack of addition health care services to disable and elderly people even at central cities  
  • Very less amount (Old age benefit)

Solution :

Providing the treatments and care at the home as far possible (Physio therapy, health check up, Yoga etc) by the health professional and other professional associated with the promotion of elderly physical and mental well being. It can reduce the expensive health cost of the hospital treatment and transportation every day.

Timeline :

The breakeven point will be meet with in first 2 years then after the profit will be 20% of the total investment.

Market Research :

Nepal is in need of elderly care service and soon or later elderly care service will become a national problem due to absence of children and busy work schedule. So, elderly care service at home has a huge potential and it is a viable business.

On the other hand, it will address the increasing social elderly care service problem though it a business but it will serve those communities who are in desperate need and able to afford it.   

Below given are the few figures;

  • Elderly population within the Kathmandu valley is about 8,00,000
  • 1,60,000 requires potential care services
  • Number of residential care home is  about 7 within city and catering about 400-600 people
  • 3-4 in house care home service providers in the city

P.S : Vast disparity in the demand and supply

Intended Customer :

  • Senior citizens
  • People with Disability
  • People with different health problem who required care service ( Dementia, Alzheimer, Stroke, Motor neuron diseases )

Technology Required :

Online heath care record booking software system would be helpful.

Minimum Investment Required :

NPR. 500000.0000

Maximum Investment Required :

NPR. 2000000.0000

Estimated Profit Per Year :

NPR. 400000

7 Comments on “Elderly Care at Home”

  • Norbu lama
    Norbu lama   (1/28/2016)

    Great Idea !!! it will work for sure

  • Vinod k
    Vinod k   (1/28/2016)

    Good social Impact

  • Sulav
    Sulav   (1/29/2016)

    nice concept.. i am with your idea

  • sushil
    sushil   (1/29/2016)

    great work brother, will help to reduce the health cost! keep it up

  • Rohit
    Rohit   (1/29/2016)

    not only elderly emergency cases should also be included

  • Anuza Regmi
    Anuza Regmi   (1/31/2016)

    Great of luck

  • Pratima Malla
    Pratima Malla   (1/31/2016)

    Very good concept...

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