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The main idea is to exchange women's handicraft skills of Nepal's rural areas with their children's education

The main motive behind this idea is to make sure that the children of rural Nepal have access to primary education and the women too have a living. First of all, this idea will be undertaken in a small scale by choosing one village, then visiting the households and informing and interacting about the project to the women. We will then choose the women of each households and provide them with the necessary trainings and handicraft skills. After getting enough trainings, they will get involved in making handicrafts for sale. The revenue that comes from the sale will be contributed in providing primary education to the children in Nepal. When this project will be used in a larger scale, a lot of sale might lead to greater revenues which will benefit the families and ultimately the children. The major contribution to this project will be done through exports to foreign countries or through sale to tourists. In the long run, the idea might include customised handicrafts for the target

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Target Location :

Rural Nepal

Target Audience :

The main targets of this idea are the children and women of rural Nepal

Scope :

Benefit :

-Access to primary education for rural Nepali children.

-Livelihood for Nepali women

-Skill development


Early Feedbacks from People:


Business Plan

Estimated Human Resources :

Since the idea is to involve the women themselves in the handicraft, they will be the human resource in the idea. They will be trained enough to create a fine collection of handicraft. Apart from them, a team will be created in order to manage the whole project.

Purpose :

-To enhance the livelihood of women living in poverty.

-Create a platform for the children who don't have access to primary education

-Provide the women of Nepal with handicraft skills.

Problem :

-Lack of proper education to the children of rural Nepal.

-Lack of proper skills and need of providing livelihood to the women.

Solution :

-Creating a platform where the women can make a living by selling handicrafts in the project and thus make a contribution in educating their children.

Timeline :

Market Research :

-A deep research needs to be done to get information on the situation of women in rural Nepal.

Intended Customer :

-The handicrafts are mainly targeted to the tourists who are eager to buy our products made especially by the women of Nepal. It is expected that the tourists would want to buy the products for the

-Other than the tourists, general Nepali are also the intended customers for they might also be interested in buying the handicrafts made with love.

Technology Required :

-Computer aided design (CAD


Minimum Investment Required :

NPR. 500000.0000

Maximum Investment Required :

NPR. 1000000.0000

Estimated Profit Per Year :


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