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Inspiring individuals or group of individuals to think and create fantasy stories, short stories, sequels and publishing it into a magazine for publishing the work.

With the growing affinity of scholars, teenagers, youths and even middle aged people towards animation and fantasy, it is seen very necessary to develop a national magazine to support nepali concept,design and production of fantasy magazine.

Popular animes include Naruto, Bleach, One piece, fairytail, highschool dxd , etc and popular animation films include frozen, how to train your dragons, tangled , etc . These all were designed and developed by other nations and hence they had added their own cultural background in them and so there culture are popular worldwide.

The main idea is to inspire artists, students and other interested personnels to think a story then add artistic drawings and then create a sequel to it. It will first publish the material as an article of magazine for publishing then they can individually publish the full volume of their books commercially. In other words the magazine will be a platform for fantasy writers. Later,  most popular fantasies can be generated into animes and even movies.

The most important theme of the idea is to add Nepalese culture, tradition and Nepalese way of living into these fantasies. For example, if a love story fantasy is written we can add Nepalese celebration ,festivals, rituals as a background for story . These trend can actually publish our  in the world. People reading and buying such fantasy books and watching animes get to know Nepalese culture in very deep way.

Let me give a simple idea:

Suppose we did a anime/manga about someone who fell from heaven and then story goes bla bla bla... Viewers will watch it and rate it accordingly but it is not just what fantasia magazine will do. The best part will be the background of scenes , plot of the story and every nepalese style of art. Talking about the example , we can make the main character live in nepalese house to show how great our hospitality is. We can make her celebrate festivals , eat local foods , visit local places and many more. Later when this anime or manga is sold in international market , international viewers will be so much attracted by our culture that they couldnt stop coming to visit Nepal with respect.

Here is a link to a world popular magazine similar to idea:

Target Location :


Target Audience :

Adults and Children

Scope :

Benefit :

It innovates artists and even common students and individuals to think a creative way of displaying their fantasies. It also gives them a chance to become a celebrity . It can give them economic benefits too. It also helps purely to publicise Nepalese culture and tradition all over the world.

When the creators of Honda Asimo Robot were asked about the source of inspiration , they told they had grown up watching doraemon and other robot based anime and so they were like crazy to build one. This is very important. Animes give dream to people and children. It gives hope to future and all that children and young generation need are Dreams. Animes can change the future of ones nation.

Early Feedbacks from People:

Everyone who had watched atleast one anime or animated movie were  delighted and responded that they were eagerly waiting for nepalese animation. Others who knew little about animation were also so happy to know something like that is possible. Overall everyone's feedback was towards favour of the idea.

Business Plan

Estimated Human Resources :
  • Manga Artists
  • Computer Animators
  • Visual Fx Editors
  • Story Writer
  • Script Writer
  • Anime Director
  • and of course Producers.

Purpose :

Purposes are:

1)Make animation industry a career opportunity to IT students.

2)Introduce Nepalese art worldwide

3)Make Nepalese culture and tradition popular in the world

4)Make every nepalese anime lovers' dream come true

Problem :

1. Lack of proper resources for animation studio

2.Lack of enough manga writers and artists in Nepal

3.Lack of Television channels to broadcast the anime

Solution :

1.Providing trainings to novices and encouraging existing mang writers and artists

2.Creating a new channel for broadcasting or making contract with the existing ones

3.Mass publicising the animes and manga created by the company

Timeline :

Market Research :

When researched it is found that animes and and manga created by Japan are outstandingly popular whereas animation movies made by pixar are world top. Also, viewers are seen to love new story and new plots in animated movies. So this can be our best timing to introduce nepalese cultural background in the  anime world.

Intended Customer :

The most probable customers include  children, teenagers, adults, and almost every human who love animation.

Technology Required :

  • Printing Press
  • Video Animation
  • Video Editing
  • Manga Studio
  • Video Fx Editing

Minimum Investment Required :

NPR. 20000.0000

Maximum Investment Required :

NPR. 60000.0000

Estimated Profit Per Year :

NPR. 100000

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  • Roji
    Roji   (1/23/2016)

    Nepalese Anime omg m soooooooooooo excited !!

  • kishor
    kishor   (1/23/2016)

    aainch kei hunxa hai aba gud luck

  • nitesh
    nitesh   (1/23/2016)

    manga and animes are my favourite! Nepalese anime sochda matrai pani ananda aauxa yr god bless you re kya haha

  • Shambhu bhujel
    Shambhu bhujel   (1/28/2016)

    Nice idea ,Nepali comics n manga will love to see.

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