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An app which allows you to search for foods near you.

Nepal is a country full of very high possibilities in tourism. One of the prosperous aspects of tourism here is Food Tourism as Nepal is highly diverse in the foods available. We are aiming to build a app 'Food Solutions Nepal' to showcase the diversity of foods present here.

Food Solutions is an application which allows user to search for the foods available near him/her as per needs. Instead of searching for hotels one can search for foods available near him/her and then all available options for the food will be given to the user. The options shown to the user will be based on price of food, distance from the user and the rating for a particuar food provided by the particular place.

In the application any user can see ratings and reviews of a food of a partcular place, and suggest foods to his/her friends. A registered user would be able to pay directly from our  app, request for foods to be delivered directly to him(if available) and rate and review a food for a particular food.


INVESTMENT: 800000 = 500000+ 100000(Developers) + 100000(Data collection Team) + 100000(Marketting)

500000 will be invested to users, i,e  a food coupun worth Rs.50 will be given first 10000 users who enable payment services via our product(Users who can pay for foods from our product). We expect 5000 of such users to continue payment services.

REVENUE: We intend to make a deal with the hotels and restaurants such that 2% of the payment via our product be ours, and in return they get new customers, we make free profile for them highliting their specialities and online payable system in which users can directly pay them.

Of the pay enabled 5000 users, we assume a pay of Rs 500 over a month on average via pur product

Calcualtions: One month : 5000 * 500 * 2% = 50000(apprx)

First year: 500000(apprx)
Next year, we invest 500000 more to get 10000 new users


Target Location :

Kathmandu Valley(For First Launch)

Target Audience :

Domestic and international tourists intrested in Food

Scope :

Benefit :

  1. Easy to use and user friendly
  2. Search for food/cusine or the restaurant
  3. Rate the foods and restaurants
  4. Connect with friends and receive the ratings and recomendations
  5. Order the foods and get delivered to the home

Early Feedbacks from People:

Business Plan

Estimated Human Resources :

Total of 10 members

Developers : 3

Data collection team: 5

Marketing and monetization team: 2

1 Developer for database management and data management, 1 for Android App development and 1 for Web development.

5 membered Data Collection team for Collecting data of food and Hotels

Marketing and monetization team to publicize the product and monetize the product.

Purpose :

  1. Make Finding foods simpler, easier, faster and more efficient
  2. Promote tourism through Food Tourism

Problem :

In Nepal there are very few and limited ways for a person to know about the options for a Particular food at a Particular area over a Specified distance on a specified budget.

Solution :

Our product is intended to solve the exact problem we have stated, i,e we build a product to give our users an easy access to the food options at a price they want over the distance they need.

Timeline :

2 Weeks : Product Development Completition and pre Release promotions

1 Month: Enough data collection to launch the product on market and some amount of promotions

2 Months: Update the product and datas to a heigher level, enough to start revenue with heavy and strong promotions

Market Research :

Intended Customer :

Product Users:

Domestic and international tourists intrested in Food


Any individual intrested in Food


Technology Required :



Minimum Investment Required :

NPR. 800000.0000

Maximum Investment Required :

NPR. 800000.0000

Estimated Profit Per Year :

NPR. year 1: Rs:500000 year 2:Rs 1500000

3 Comments on “Food Solutions Nepal”

  • Sisir Poudel
    Sisir Poudel   (1/26/2016)

    Might be a revolution for a digital Nepal

  • nikesh
    nikesh   (1/29/2016)

    good idea.

  • zuehb winod
    zuehb winod   (2/2/2016)

    ali promotion gara na!!

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