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Want to become professional goat or sheep farmer, then you can get every information and help here to make you succesfull goat or sheep farmer.

Goat or sheep farming can be done in almost all areas of Nepal. So the idea is that through the mobile app to provide farmer information about goat and sheep farming. According to different places and regions,it notifies which species of goat or sheep should be reared. It also gives knowledge about area of farm required for rearing, type of grass and its plantation. Furthermore through this app, one can find shops where medicines and other things required for rearing. This app also gives information about diseases and their solution and what fodder should be given to goat or sheep according to their local areas. One can get the answer of their question regarding goat and sheep rearing. One can order developed species of goat or sheep and equipments required for rearing through the app. 

So this app is helping tool forfarmers that gives every information about place, its area required, types of grass, farm structure and everything regarding goat and sheep farming. Farmers can find the goat or sheep doctors and medicines nearby them through this app.Also it connects farmers and can share their help, thoughts.Moreover this app helps goat and sheep farmers technically and physically if one asks for help.It also connects farmers with their customers or meat processors.Overall this is helping tool for farmers to setup and increase their sheep and goat farming.

Target Location :

All areas mostly hill and mountain

Target Audience :

Middle, low and willing people

Scope :

Benefit :

This app is very beneficial for farmers.

They can know everything about goat and sheep farming.

Helps them to increse their income.

Farmers cannot be cheated.

There will be no need to import goat or sheep from other contries.

Early Feedbacks from People:

I found people exciting when i told about technology to help them increase their goat and sheep producition.As initial investment is also less, so low or middle class farmers are very ineterested in goat or sheep farming.

Business Plan

Estimated Human Resources :

There is need to make farmers skilled and technical in goat and sheep farming, so a group of skilled people is needed to help farmers.

Purpose :

The main goal is to make farmers skilled and professional in goat and sheep farming that helps to increase their living standard.

To provide platform for selling of sheep and goat.



Problem :

First farmers are not familiar with use of technology. It is also challenging to provide services to farmers of remote hilly and mountain villages.

Solution :

Farmers should be given training to use technology for their betterment. Local people participation should be increased through different programs, meetings.

Timeline :

Market Research :

Well, there is a lot potential goat and sheep market in Nepal.To fulfill the demand of sheep and goat, we are importing from India,Tibet and others.

Intended Customer :

Mainly the customers for this idea are the farmers willing to do goat or sheep farming. It will provide technical and physical help to farmers to promote their goat and sheep farming.

Technology Required :



Technology to develop new ,hybrid species of sheep and goat.

Minimum Investment Required :

NPR. 50000.0000

Maximum Investment Required :

NPR. 500000.0000

Estimated Profit Per Year :

NPR. 100000

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