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This is a health related app. This app will help every single women of Nepal how she can keep herself, her family and her society healthy.

This app will contain many features that could come handy to every single housewife in maintaining healthy life. Some features that will be available in the app are briefly described below:  

  •   Sanitation feature will teach her like importance of washing hands before eating, before and after using toilet, cleaning around the house. (with how to pictures)
  •   Pre-pregnancy feature will teach her how she could maintain healthy herself and the kid inside her womb by healthy balanced diet, consulting doctor and minimizing workloads. Some emergency numbers will also be included such as ambulance, hospitals or doctors in case of emergency.
  •   Post-pregnancy feature will teach her how she could maintain healthy kid outside her womb. This feature will also help her to remind when should take her child to hospital/health post for vaccination and polio drops.
  •  Family planning feature will help her describe different type of family planning measures available. It will also tell about the places where she can consult about family planning solution. ( with toll free numbers)

Target Location :

Almost every villages of Nepal.

Target Audience :

Married women of Nepal.

Scope :

Benefit :

  • Every housewife from every corner of Nepal could get benefited by knowing basic sanitary health knowledge. 

  • If they forget the date of taking any vaccines or polio drops for their child now they won’t anymore.  

  • Women fill shy to talk about family planning measures so now they can know by reading and decide by herself and her male partner which measures suit them. 

Early Feedbacks from People:

Business Plan

Estimated Human Resources :

As this is a mobile application it doesn't require large group of human resource for its development. It can be developed with group of 2 or 3 person who have knowledge about mobile apllication development. And after the development it should be distributed(downloaded) in local level for which advertisement through TV and Radio can be done for minimum utilization of human resource.

Purpose :

As we can see due to illiteracy in rural areas of Nepal many people are unaware of basic sanitation and fast spreading disease kills many population but form this application they can get basic sanitation health knowledge and reduce the chance of catching disease. In the same way due to lack of pregnacy knowledge many mothers and infant are dying during and after pregnacy but with this application it can be reduced. Lastly, womens don't have family planning knowlege and population is increasing day by day but it can be reduced when they knows the cons of having more children and helps in managing population growth.

Problem :

The only problem that will be faced is the distribution of the application in local level. Application will be out in market but people will be unaware of it and they may even not know the process of downloading so thats the problem.

Solution :

Solution to the problem is advertisement through TV and Radio about the befits of apllication. And next thing can also be done which is the health persona (swoyam sebika) that is working in local level can tell womens about the application and convince them to download it.

Timeline :

Market Research :

From the market research it can be found that this type of application is null and is expected to catch the eye of people real fast. 

Intended Customer :

Technology Required :


Minimum Investment Required :

NPR. 10000.0000

Maximum Investment Required :

NPR. 20000.0000

Estimated Profit Per Year :


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