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Proposing a space where skilled craftspeople can come and share the process involved in their craft. This is meant especially to expose children experientially to the joy of creating with their own hands and learning the process from craftspeople they do not usually get the opportunity to interact w

Few examples of the crafts that skilled craftspeople will come and share: basket weaving, pottery/clay-work, knitting and crochet, and ethnic art.

For each session, a skilled craftsperson will be hired for half a day.

Initially, the craft learning sessions will be held on weekends.

Earning will be from the fees charged for participating in the learning sessions.

Target Location :

Initially Kathmandu valley

Target Audience :

Children and adolescent

Scope :

Benefit :

The workshops will give participants a first-hand experience of learning the process involved in a particular craft and making a creation with their hands.

It will also give people the opportunity to interact directly with and learn from skilled craftspeople, whose craft people otherwise may only see as a finished product and not in the process of creation. This will increase appreciation for hand crafts.  

The planned program encourages the use of hands to make creations, which is becoming less and less common in an age where life is dominated by technology and gadgets.

Early Feedbacks from People:

Business Plan

Estimated Human Resources :

Craftspeople to run sessions and part time cordinators


Purpose :

To encourage the use of hands to make creations, which is becoming less and less common in an age where life is dominated by technology and gadgets.

To expose children/adolescent experientially to the joy of creating with their hands.

Problem :

Lack of hands on learning in the education of children in Nepal.

Lack of opportunities for children to use their hands to create a product and experience the process of creating.

Lack of connection between those people involved in creating crafts and children within the formal education system.

Solution :

Provide opportunities during out of school time for children to work directly with craftspeople and also to create their own products.

Timeline :

- selection of program cordinator

- developing relationships with craftspeople

- marketing and advertising sessions

- begin weekend sessions


Market Research :

Haven't formally done. When a potter was brought to an event, children were very eager to get a chance to try their hands at the pottery wheel.

Intended Customer :

Children/adolescent and their parents

Technology Required :

Minimum Investment Required :

NPR. 300000.0000

Maximum Investment Required :

NPR. 400000.0000

Estimated Profit Per Year :

NPR. 300000

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  • Nishan
    Nishan   (1/31/2016)

    Nice idea

  • Angila Rana
    Angila Rana   (1/31/2016)

    Wow, what an Idea Madam Jee...

  • Very good idea!
    Very good idea!   (2/3/2016)

  • Jasmin
    Jasmin   (2/3/2016)

    Gread idea!

  • Jasmin
    Jasmin   (2/3/2016)

    Great idea!

  • Lisa
    Lisa   (2/4/2016)

    I like the idea of promoting local artisans and promoting craft skills among children.

  • Awesome idea! wishing u the best
    Awesome idea! wishing u the best   (2/4/2016)

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