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To establish hand knotted carpets which will give job opportunities to more than 25 people and the resources are available locally.

Hand knotted carpets can be produced from local resources and local manpower. It can provide job opportunites to more than 25 people. As well the product is very demanding in the Europe, US and China. Mostly people use these carpets for interior designs.It has more suitable in the cold countries as it provides very good warmth with good looks.It is completely environment friendly!

Target Location :

Thecho,Lalitpur or Bouddha Area

Target Audience :

International Decorative businesses and local people as well Nepali citizens

Scope :

Benefit :

As this product has higher demand in Western countries and even with in the country it is the best business with minimum invest but maximum profit! As well it provides jobs to the people and helps in the overall economic growth.

Early Feedbacks from People:

Very exciting!

Business Plan

Estimated Human Resources :

This will be able to give employment to around 90+ but for running this around 3 to 5 person can handle 

Purpose :

To produce and sell in the international market earn foreign currency and provide employment opportunities.

Problem :

There might be problem of good high quality wool and the best possible computer designers for the carpet.

Solution :

It can solve the unemployment problem and can help in the control of migrating youth population to abroad as well increase the foreigh currency stock in the national level.

Timeline :

For establishment of one company it will take around two months and then for production it depends upon the motivation of the workers. If workers work well then one carpet can be woowen within a month that is of large size.

Market Research :

This was once as trademark of Nepal in Germany and has very good demand in Western world and nowdays even in china.

Intended Customer :

Foreigners especially from western and Nepali.

Technology Required :

No technology required for wooving except for the carpets designs.

Minimum Investment Required :

NPR. 468000.0000

Maximum Investment Required :

NPR. 875000.0000

Estimated Profit Per Year :

NPR. 600000

2 Comments on “Hand made Carpets”

  • Bivek Shrestha
    Bivek Shrestha   (1/8/2016)

    I am on this business since 2 decade.We cant use raw resource of nepal for high quality but its sure that it can be learned in a month by new people start doing from single home or family provide job.

  • Nirmal Ghimire
    Nirmal Ghimire   (1/14/2016)

    Yes high quality raw from Nepal available but I don't think possible! I strongly believe it also opens door for sheep farming in Himalayan region which too generates more employment opportunity! and ultimately we can have high quality wool processing here in Nepal.

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