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A Software Solution to Bridge the Communication Gap Between Possible Donors and the Needy ones desperate for Food. The Needy could be ones relying on Orphanages, Old Age Homes, and many more where the Donors can connect to and Provide Food Supplies as per their abilities.


Hunger is the Biggest Crisis, this World is Facing with Mouth that can’t be fed mainly because of the Increasing Poverty. Poverty Trap may be the Main Reason of this Hunger that could be Solved with Education, Sustainable Food, Access to Credit, Urban Farming, Government Intervention and Birth Control but how can the Present Crisis be solved? Feed the Mouths with the Help of Willing People from the Local Level.

Besides, the other Key Factor of hundreds of Stomach Sleep Empty is mainly due to Thousands other waste their food for they don’t know where to Donate.

One third of all food produced (1.3 billion tons) is never consumed. This food wastage represents a missed opportunity to improve global food security in a world where one in 8 is hungry.


Nepal’s Scenario:

In Nepal, Twenty-five percent lives below the national poverty line (less than US$0.50 per day). 

Not every poor person is hungry, but almost all hungry people are poor.

According to FAO, 4.5 million Nepalese are undernourished.

Malnutrition rates in Nepal are among the highest in the world. Forty-one percent of children under five are stunted, 29 percent are underweight and 11 percent are wasted. The prevalence of stunting in the hills and mountains of the mid- and far-western regions is extreme, with rates above 60 percent. Micronutrient deficiencies are also widespread; in particular, 46 percent of children 6-59 months, 35 percent of women of reproductive age and 48 percent of pregnant women are anaemic. According to the World Bank, GDP lost due to malnutrition can be as high as 2-3 percent. Malnutrition slows economic growth and perpetuates poverty through direct losses in productivity from poor physical status, and indirect losses from poor cognitive function, and increased health costs.



Develop an Online Portal to List the Organizations Working Closely with the Children, Orphans, Old Age Homes, Street Children, and so on with their Portfolio. This Portal has all the information of these Organizations, the Number of People they Support (Eg: if Orphanages or Old age Homes, how many resides here).

Many of us Middle Class and High Earning People desire to Help the Needy ones from the Core of Heart but have no Appropriate Links to serve them. With this Portal, we let People Donate Cash or Kind, Food as per their Abilities and Desire.

-          If one Middle Class Person offers a Meal Cost of an Orphanage for a Day, it takes 365 People to Feed the Entire Orphanage for an entire year. With 365 People willing to contribute each year, this System can Sustain the Orphanage for Life Long.

With more Donor we can Build with Time, NGO and INGOs working on Local Level and Support to More Street Children, Elderly People and the Possibilities is unimaginable.

We Plan to Develop the Highest Level of Transparency Digitally with the Donors Portfolio Included and the Organizations they would love Support.


Quick Calculation:

If only 30% People Above the Poverty Line Desires to Help and Support to Fight Hunger of the People below the Poverty Line, we can assure that non Nepali Child would ever Sleep Empty Stomach then after.

Target Location :

Target Audience :

Anyone who is willing to Help out to the ones in need and love our Concept of "Share A Meal"

Scope :

Benefit :

There’s Benefit on Both the Sides if you can See. It is Clear how it Serves to the Needy ones, and some explanation how the Donor benefits.

Let me Quote a Saying. “The Joy is not in Giving but in Working Hard to Give”. Ones joys over the Food for his hard work to earn the Money to buy the Food, but joys more when he shares the same bite to someone less privileged than him.

The Happiness one would have feeding the Needy is far more than the Luxuries one enjoy from the Delicacies of Finest Restaurants.

We don’t want to Create a Platform to ask Donate your part of Bread but to Share the Food that’s abundant to you.

On the Closing, “Share a Meal – Contribute to Growth”, for the Growth on the Nation and World lies in the People living in it, we support the Needy ones today, with Proper Education Govt Supports Today, we can assure a Better Nepal Tomorrow.

Early Feedbacks from People:

  1. Create the way to showcase Transparency of Donations and give outs.
  2. Reach out the Maximum People using Word to Word, Website and Social Networking.
  3. Develop the Circle of interested Donors and Connect them to the respective Organizations (the type they one to help out to) 

Business Plan

Estimated Human Resources :
  • Website Developer - 1
  • Mobile App Developer(s): Android, iOS, Windows - 2 to 3
  • Payment Gateways - 1
  • Social Workers - 5
  • Legal Advisor - 1

Purpose :

To develop a Platform who want to are Looking to Help out to Less Priviledged then them so that they can easily Donate and Share a Meal with the ones who are in Need.

Problem :

There aren't any online transparent fund support system specially based in Nepal to Donate and help out People in Need even in the most basic form such as Food.

Solution :

Develop an Online Portal to Connect the Donors with the Organization that are in need of fund and support. With More funding if achieved, Donors can also help focus over Education, Health, and much more in future too.

Timeline :

Month 1: Listing and Collection of all the information related to organizations working for Orphans, Old age homes ; Website development; App development

Month 2-4: Launch of the Website, followed by the launch of the Apps; Spread the Info of the System to larger group of People who are the highly possible Donors

Market Research :

One Third of Grown food is Never Consumed. 
This excess food can be shared to Help People instead adding to the Pile of Food Waste in vain. 
75% Nepalese People are above National Poverty Line.
The Nepalese from this class can help out to the rest 25% Nepalese below the line and contribute to developing Human Nation for the nation from local level.

Intended Customer :

Technology Required :

- Dedicated Server

- Web Development

  1. Online Payment Gateways
  2. Front End and Back End Development
  3. Responsive Design
  4. UI/ UX 

- Smartphone App Development

  1. Windows App
  2. iOS App
  3. Android App

Minimum Investment Required :

NPR. 100000.0000

Maximum Investment Required :

NPR. 500000.0000

Estimated Profit Per Year :

NPR. 2000000

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