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Find pending justice. Share on social media. Public's maximum vote get prioritized. Pressurize to follow up through media.

lfl           Last months before I went police station to complain my mobile lost . There I saw a old lady waiting in a long queue and she was saying it's been a year that her problem on land plot that was illegally taken by her relative was still on process. So for her this app will be helpful and also other people facing similer cases will be get helped.
          Taking pending cases that are registered on agencies or from people through email , social media , or from anyone who know about victims and those problem will be shown in media by showing related stories ; problem will be shared on Social Media ; maximum VOTE gets priority first and get pressurized to government's offices or others agencies through media so that every victim will get justice soon.

Target Location :

All over Nepal

Target Audience :

All people

Scope :

Benefit :

Victims facing issues and difficulties will definitely benefit and can easily express their problems regarding what they want and need.

Early Feedbacks from People:

It was a awasome idea , and have a good feedback to implement live.

Business Plan

Estimated Human Resources :

Purpose :

The main purpose of my idea is to provide a digital interface for reporting infrastructure human right issues and hence problem faced by the people as its consequences. People have diffulties and even thretend after they cases for right and also they are not secure after. So, I have an idea of making an app that help to visualize the problem in media through maximum public vote. This could help the victims a lot.

Problem :

Solution :

My solution is a multi platform based on mobie applictaion as well as desktop applictaion. I my app , anyone can express about his/her human right for their to get justice. Those problem will be mentioned and shown by showing related drama and getting maximum public vote will be piority first and even force to solve by visualizing to media.


Timeline :

My idea deserve final support because my idea has a vision  to:

1. having his/her human right,

2. get justice soon,

3. no bullies in ones life, and

4. free to live.

Market Research :

I have conducted a rearch survey of around 30 coomon people. The aim of this survey to disclose a public opinion of my idea concept. This survey was carried out by means of online Excel survey and I ask some question regarding my idea. The questionarie consisted of short description of questions like:

1. If you got an app on your mobile and a website free to write about your human right . How you feel?

A) awasome B)good , etc ... 

Intended Customer :

Technology Required :

Minimum Investment Required :

NPR. 100000.0000

Maximum Investment Required :

NPR. 200000.0000

Estimated Profit Per Year :

NPR. 80000

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    Udeep   (1/30/2016)

    Thank you for your help ; but sorry. 😊

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