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My idea is to start a Physics Library more like research laboratory. So that students who wants to study and research in this field can find a good environment and necessary materials for their research and knowledge.

As we all know, curiosity welcomes the discovery. So my idea is to provide an environment for those curious minds. And there is no such facility available in our country yet. Because of expensive cost of all those materials which are required for the research, students find them difficult to reach their goal and stop their innovations. If we will be able to establish a kind of research lab which will be accessible to all students, they can get highly benefited.

For example: We can see windows, door glasses which are being sold in our market with the cost price on the basis of their thickness (0.5 cm,1cm,0.25cm) etc.. But if we measure the exact thickness of those glass, we can find lack in their quality than labeled. For this measurement research in quality of those glasses, students need to have micrometer screw gauze.(how to use a micrometer screw gauze is in our +2 syllabus, students just need to apply their knowledge).

I am talking about such kind of Laboratory with those materials available there. The running process of this research lab can be conducted similar like national library.

And another main motto of this lab is that it will help binding the enthusiastic minds from all around the cities. Students get good environment to involve with each other for their sharing of knowledge and discoveries. This can be a center for innovation in our country where poor people with rich minds also get chance to get involved.

Target Location :

Students from all around Nepal

Target Audience :


Scope :

Benefit :


Business views:

  • Running process: very much similar to National Library of Books

  • Membership cost

  • By co-operation with many colleges, field visit of students in this lab.

  • Time wise training conduction from specialists about new technologies.

  • Main point is, there is no any lab like this, in our country

Early Feedbacks from People:

Business Plan

Estimated Human Resources :
  1. Staffs to handle the regular day of laboratory.
  2. Physics professors and specialists for timewise training conductions.
  3. Accountants and staffs to keep records.
  4. Marketing people to make good deal with colleges and schools so that students participation can be increased.

Purpose :

  • To provide a good practical environment for the students to learn and research.
  • To make a good environment to connect students.
  • To provide an opportunity for students to learn and discover new things.
  • To provide opportunities for students with economically weak background.

Problem :

  • Students who belongs to poor family are far from the facilities and new technologies for learning.
  • Students who got to learn in their colleges are practically not active and don't have an environment to apply their knowledge for new discovery.
  • Students dont have a good environment to co operate with eachother and knowledge sharing on different topics.

Solution :

  1. Students visit the lab and do the research there, using the materials available there. This means, they dont have to buy every materials and instruments they need for their research which is going to minimize the economic disturbance that students usually faces during their research and learnings.
  2. We will be having students with knowledges in different field so that they can help eachother for their solution development.
  3. Students, who cant afford good education gets highly benefited by the timewise training conduction from specialists and get to learn so many things.

Timeline :

It will be a good initiation if we start this project and run a lab like this. As it will be the first public lab in our country, for the purpose that it has got, students seems to get highly attracted to it and by further marketing and dealing with high number of colleges, this laboratory can run for long long time. By introducting new learning materials and techniques in future we can upgrade the capacity, environment and participation for this lab.

Month1: Lab setup:

  • location
  • staff
  • materials

Month2: Marketing:

  • using our marketing staffs we need to attract students and get them aware about the facility and services that this lab provides.
  • we will be dealing with many colleges for lab visit of students

Month3: Trainings and workshop:

  • After students involvement and membership with our lab, we can conduct a good training day by specialist of physics so that they will get to know the things they wanted for their research.

And we can go on by increasing the participation and other training sessions.


Market Research :

Intended Customer :

Students with age 15+ .

Technology Required :

  • Telescopoe
  • Microscope
  • Magnets
  • Books
  • CD/DVDs of reading materials
  • Measuring instruments (Screw gauze, varnier calliper ,e.t.c.)
  • Other useful instruments for studies and researches..

Minimum Investment Required :


Maximum Investment Required :


Estimated Profit Per Year :


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