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Supporting green house plastics to farmers near to road corridor to promote off season vegetable production for income generation of poor and vulnerable peoples through its marketing.

Jajarkot District is poor and vulnerable district of Nepal. It is ranked 68th out of 75th under developed district. Peoples are reported eating food with Noodles’s soup. People here are poor and have low assecceblity of wealth, health and nutrition. One middle way we can uplift the economic status and nutritious status of these rural destitute is through income generation by 'Off season vegetable production and its marketing'.

In this district, there is high potentiality of tomato and vegetable production in rainy season as off season production. However people are inclined towards it but the only thing lacking is sufficient investment and follow-up to start a business. With an aim to have impact by investing, I wish to support farmers by providing plastic for plastic tunnel and short term trainings for technical support.

  • First step; Beneficiaries selection; Farmers of 6 VDCs (10 groups, each having 10 members/priority will be given to farmers actively working as lead farmer or just had started commercial agriculture entrepreneurship) will be this project's target beneficiaries who have accessibility of road too.
  • Second step; After selection of farmers from Focal Group Discussion we will make group as well as conduct 2 days training at the same time (Topics; who we are and what are our objectives, our plans, responsibilities of farmers, our monitoring, supervising, follow-up strategy, BREAK, Offseason vegetable production and tomato cultivation (Theoretical and practical) second day; Construction of plastic house, importance and way forward, BREAK, practically making of plastic house).
  • Third step will be collecting their 25% contribution; 
  • Fourth step; buying plastic from Surkhet and giving them; (Good quality and sized Plastic costs 6,000 per piece which can be used for 4 years)
  • Fifth step; Continue monitoring and practical suggestions (Technical support) for plastic house construction by agriculture assistance;  
  • Sixth step; Giving Farmers one day refresher training about off season vegetable production and tomato cultivation.
  • Seventh step will be; doing marketing research by project officer and ATA, Identifying markets, contracting with whole sellers and collection centers.
  • Eighth step will be helping farmers to link with agriculture collection center or hire vehicle transporting to Surkhet or Nepaljung's whole sellers.

Private sectors like agro vets (for quality agricultural inputs) and cooperatives (Farmers can take loan if necessary/ for Partnership investment/ or extending business in future) are active in these area. Farmers in need can get help from them during this project. 

Marketing places will be Khalanga(headquarter of Jajarkot district), Chaujuwari (Municipality of Rukum District) and Surkhet/ Nepaljung too. For easy marketing, there are successful collection centers too at these VDCs. Now also farmers are getting good price for their products.

This year District agriculture development Office, Jajarkot distributed 15 low tunnel plastics only in one VDC(Due to limitation) trying to uplift poor people  seeing huge chances of making poor peoples of this area access to money, nutritious and diversified food, and happy future. But it is not enough. Peoples are demanding more. By fulfilling them our project will research for all value chain agents, Marketing channels, and deliver message to farmers accordingly. Our project will work in coordination with DADO, Jajarkot too.


Target Location :

Jajarkot's road corridor area 6 VDCs

Target Audience :

Poor, vulnerable peoples and community. 100 lead farmers willing to commercialize agriculture.

Scope :

Benefit :

  • Contribution to vulnerable and poor District of Nepal.
  • Upliftment of economic and nutritional status.
  • Highly profitable for farmers.
  • Sustainable and Enterprenure development.
  • Low risk.
  • Please refer to Details deacription of idea above.

Early Feedbacks from People:

Mrs Bhadrakala Nepali (Bhoor VDC near road corridor) had made 1 plastic house before 6 months. Construction charge, plastic, seeds, plant protection measures cost 9000 in total. Now she had already incomed 27,000 this season. The family is now constructing 2 additional plastic house seeing this income, following and learning from her, her neighbors and villagers are also constructing plastic house. 

Business Plan

Estimated Human Resources :

Part time Project Officer - 1

Salary; 25,000*6 = 1,50,00

Agriculture Technical Assistance- 1

15,000*6 = 90,000

Purpose :

Making Plastic poly house and empowerming women for income generation

Problem :

Disease and Pest


Solution :

ATA and project officer will regular monitor field

Marketing research will be done.

Timeline :

First month; Identifying members and group.

Second month; 2 days training for all groups

Third Month; Providing plastic and follow-up for all groups, technical support while constructing plastic house, seedling production.

Fourth Month; Transplantation and manuring along with irrigation.

Fifth Months; Plant protection, transportation and selling.

Sixth month; Plant protection, follow up, selling continues, impact study


Market Research :

Marketing places will be Khalanga(headquarter of Jajarkot district), Chaujuwari (Municipality of Rukum District) and Surkhet/ Nepaljung too. For easy marketing, there are successful collection centers too at these VDCs. Now also farmers are getting good price for their products.

Intended Customer :

Agriculture product are now highly demanded.

Costomers from Khalanga of Jajarkot and Chaujuwari municipality of Rukum, wholeshellers of Surkhet and Nepaljung will be our Customers.

Technology Required :

'Plastic house construction' technology transfer trainings to each group. 

Onsite coaching visit by Agricultural technicians / DADO staffs by paying limited daily expenses.

Monitoring, Supervising and Follow-up of activities (implemented)


Minimum Investment Required :

NPR. 800000.0000

Maximum Investment Required :

NPR. 1000000.0000

Estimated Profit Per Year :

NPR. 1:3 in ratio, 1 unit investment will return 3 unit Per season

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