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An app that notifies the end user with the details of vegetable with rate in their respective places.

"Mandi Bhau" a Nepali term where "Mandi" means a place where group of people sell different kind of vegetables in large amount with reasonable price and "Bhau" means rate. "Mandi Bhau"  is an  idea generated when I was returning from College , I saw  a group of people were busy buying vegetables in Lions Chowk, Bharatpur  known as Mandi(a place where vegetables and fruits are sold).

This will be an app that will let the user know the rate of vegetable and fruits that are available in Mandi. I see lots of people and students migrate to city area in search of jobs, and to study too. People or let’s say students who stay on a rented room buy vegetables daily as they won’t have places to grow them. Again price is a first priority for them if they are earning and paying the rent, college fees and extra expenses within the same amount they receive as salary at the end of the month. This app displays the rate and details of stuffs that are available at the Mandi's .So student/people who stay on a rented room or buy vegetables daily will be benefited from this app.

Not only students, farmers, and the shop owners will be benefitted from this app too. Suppose if I am a farmer and I have cultivated a lot of vegetables and fruits so I can make a deal with the shop owners within the app or with simply a phone call to the shop owner. Information of the shops like stall number, owner name, phone number, availability of fruits and vegetable with their corresponding rate will be displayed at their page too. A handy with 0 hassle feature for both the farmer and the shop owners.

Suppose if I am a farmer and cultivate vegetables I may find it handy to look at the buying and selling rate from the app. There will be no hassle of going there a discussing for the price with the shop owners. Generally every people use an Android phone so this app is mainly focused for Android as they are widely used and cheap too. The number of app installs are the number of people benefited.

Also shop owners will get a (paid) feature to Sponsor their stalls in the  app which will ofcourse result in higher number of visitors and buyers for them. Every stalls at Mandi will get a stall  number which denotes the shop owner and hence there will be a feature to sponsor their shop(like posts and tweets are sponsored and promoted on Facebook and twitter respectively.) so that they may have more visitors which means ofcoursse more business.



Target Location :


Target Audience :

Student and Daily Worker

Scope :

Benefit :


People who matter the "PRICE" and the "TIME" most,  will be benefitted with this app as the main motto of this app is to make people buy vegetables  and fruit from the Mandi in the shortest time with the reasonable price.


"Jay Nepal"

Early Feedbacks from People:

Business Plan

Estimated Human Resources :


Purpose :

to reduce the middle man 

Problem :

Solution :

Timeline :

Market Research :

Intended Customer :

General Public

Technology Required :

Computer and Internet. 

Minimum Investment Required :

NPR. 30000.0000

Maximum Investment Required :

NPR. 65000.0000

Estimated Profit Per Year :

NPR. 10000

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