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App to search hospitals/doctors and take appointments, access your medical file and know more about health-related infrastructure and health issues.

Searching specialized hospitals and doctors in any location and making appointments on a single click is never an easy task. Also finding details about medical institutions and knowing properly about other health- related infrastructures is tiresome work. It is somewhat unheard of accessing medical information from the lab on the mobile phone. It is also challenging to easily access proper information about diet, local herbal remedies, health tips, health laws, information about human anatomy, diseases, medicines, etc. in a single app.

The main functions and elements of this application are:

  1. Gives information about hospital with detail about specialist facilities provided and medical professionals associated with the organization and enables users to make appointments and access their medical file remotely in an easy way.

  2. Lets users know about medicines, alternative treatments and local herbal remedies.

  3. Gives users health-related tips and professional advices.


The main objective of this product is to create a mobile app and a website that will serve both as your medical diary and also as a medical encyclopaedia. The product will help users to take appointments, access their medical files and get suggestions. With no product of this kind in market, the product will serve as a trend-setter and gain favourable reviews.

We intend to develop this product to serve as bridge between people and good health. A product of this kind doesn’t require very high capital and has a very high possibility of being self-sustainable.

Target Location :

Kathmandu valley and eastern Nepal.

Target Audience :

general public.

Scope :

Benefit :

  1. Easy to search hospitals, doctors, medical colleges, pharmaceutical companies around your location.

  2. Easy to take appointment from doctors and access your medical information provided by hospital remotely on the app.

  3. Easy to learn about medicines and local herbal/house remedies.

  4. Easy to receive health tips, professional advice and awareness about health-related issues.

  5. Increase interest among users about health through interesting ways like health quiz.

Early Feedbacks from People:

The early feedback especially from my friends and relatives has been encouraging and generally welcoming. They are all looking forward to use this app/website in near future.

Business Plan

Estimated Human Resources :
  • Developer/designer - 3
  • Business developer - 1
  • Reference person - 1
  • Network engineer - 1

Total - 6


Purpose :

The main purpose of MediHub are:

  1. To give information about hospitals with details about specialist facilities and medical professionals associated with the organization.
  2. To make it easy for users to take an appointment.
  3. To let users know about medicines, alternative treatments and herbal remedies.
  4. To give users health-related tips and professional advices.

Problem :

Searching specialised hospitals and doctors in any location and making appointment is never an easy task. Also finding details about medical institutions and knowing details about health-related infrastructure is a time consuming work. Also if we need to access our medical files and lab reports, we need to collect them from the lab. 


Solution :

Our product MediHub is a time saving product as it’ll help you to take appointments from doctors and access your medical files on your mobile phone from lab on just a click or touch. Users will get notifications about diets, diseases and health laws of Nepal. Similarly, ratings and reviews of different hospitals, medicines and medical schools will also help users o select the best one.

Timeline :

Starting phase:-

Duration :- 5 months

In the starting phase we’ll be developing and designing the app and also create business and marketing plans so that it’ll be easy for us to implement our product in future.


Implementation phase:-

Duration - 3 months

In this phase we’ll implement our product (app and a website) and record the feedback and suggestion of the users. Simultaneously, we’ll also marketise our product. This phase will help us to refine our product and marketise it to the general public.


Operational phase:-

After completion of above phases, the product will go in full operation as a company. Implementation of different business plans will take place in this phase to generate revenue and make our product self-sustainable. 


Market Research :

There are very few websites and mobile apps that serves both as your medical diary and medical encyclopaedia. There is a great market space for a product of this kind because it will be useful in reducing the gap between hospitals, doctors and their patients. Similarly, technology of this kind will also help hospitals and clinics to see more patients and also better the experience of a patient. 

Intended Customer :

Our intended customers are:-

  • hospitals and clinics,
  • doctors,
  • medical schools,
  • pharmaceuticals companies
  • patients

Technology Required :

Minimum Investment Required :

NPR. 50000.0000

Maximum Investment Required :

NPR. 250000.0000

Estimated Profit Per Year :

NPR. 25000

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