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app to create a medical forum to link medical staffs to dicuss about queries, seek assistance and provide information on medical services nearby.

The app creates a global group of medical staffs to enable information transfer between them. The information can be queries about various cases that may arise while examining cases in their workplace and the replies sent by other members with knowledge of the diagnosis or other relevant information aiding the treatment procedure. The group will also have medical students and interns along with their supervisors, teachers for effective sharing of information.

 This app will also retain these logs of questions and replies in the database so that other interested members can view it as reference. It will be functioning as medical library with contents growing with time. The contents will grow as number of members grow and discussions grow.

Target Location :

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Scope :

Benefit :

1. enable medical practitioners to identify and treat new cases with greater accuracy through assistance from adept medical personnel/s.

2. create a learning platform for new doctors or other medical staffs about new cases and its diagnosis.

3.create an information hub of different solved cases for future references to other doctors .

4. creates a communication link between medical staffs in different places that will help to circulate information about epidemics and prepare other places for the same disease.

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Technology Required :

1. android

2. web

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    Rajesh   (1/29/2016)

    Good work

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