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Miteri Recycle Center (MRC) is a social business initiated in 2010 by Action Works Nepal (AWON) and founded by Ms. Radha Paudel(winner of Madan Puruskar and founder President of MRC and AWON)aiming to reduce cold vulnerability and empower marginalized women, through its clothes recycling and selling

1.      Problem

In Karnali region of Nepal, villagers are struggling everyday to meet their ends. Nepal government has classified it as a high priority region due to general poverty, lack of education, and the extremely difficult access to the nearest cities, making this region isolated. Among them, women, Dalits and ethnic minorities are even more impoverished and marginalized. Indeed, caste and gender discrimination deprive them from economic opportunity and education. They struggle to meet basic human needs such as food, clothes and shelter. Now, imagine when the weather drops below -20°C, leaving many families hopeless for warmth. Founded on this extreme necessity, Miteri Recycle Center (MRC) is a social business initiated in 2010 by Action Works Nepal (AWON) and founded by Ms. Radha Paudel(winner of Madan Puruskar and founder President of MRC and AWON)aiming to reduce cold vulnerability and empower marginalized women at the same time, through its clothes recycling and selling activities.

The concept of donation and aid in Nepal has made esp. rural areas people depended on free goods and services. But our idea is not to distribute cloths in free to those needy people but to create habit of buying at affordable price because the concept of free goods and services doesn’t solve the problem in long run for which MRC is established as a social business based on the the principle of Noble Laurette Prof. Mohamed Yunus.



2.      Mission: Improve living standards of vulnerable people by providing them with cloths and economic opportunities.


3.      Objectives:

·         Supporting eco-friendly concept that saves and recycles old clothes in Nepal

·         Improving the living standards of socio-economically disadvantaged families in Karnali and farwestern district, through women’s empowerment via self-employment and sustainable livelihood.

·         Conserving Nepal’s environment by recycling clothes, bags, jackets, hats, and other wearable items. Furthermore, as these goals are met, long-term positive externalities are expected on Karnali communities such as women global empowerment, resulting in improvements on health, education, and welfare of the families.

4.      Solution

By collecting used and unwanted clothes in Kathmandu and distributing them to remote villages in Karnali and far-western region area where disadvantaged women are in charge of sales at a symbolic price, MRC provides warm clothes to vulnerable communities that could not afford to buy warm clothes otherwise, and income-generating activities for the most marginalized women. The functions of MRC are:

·         Collecting second hand clothes

·         Recycling them cleaning, stitching and packaging

·         Sending cloths to needy places

5.      Current Status


The MRC has been providing recycled cloths at affordable price to the needy people. Currently sue to limited sales and we are only able to recover the operational costs like recycling, packaging and transportation expenses. The other expenses like office rent, staff salary and other administrative expenses is hard to be managed. Currently MRC is not financially sustainable and our dream is to make it sustainable and profitable in the long run. We have recently started online sells for the products made from used fabrics like Tea-mat, Rug, Jeans Bag etc https://www.etsy.com/ca/people/MiteriRecycleCenter which is sold at higher prices which is being managed by a Volunteer from US.


6.      Products and Services

·         Recycled Cloths

·         Jeans Bags

·         Children Shoes

·         Tea-mat

·         Rug

·         Ornaments(future products)



7.      Investment

The estimated required capital is around 10 Lakh NPR.



8.      Future Plans  

Due to limitation of fund MRC has not been able to function fully and smoothly.  Some of the activities which it plans to do once it is financially sustainable or get some fund.

a.      To purchase fixed assets like high technology sewing machines for making variety of recycled cloths out of waste fabrics

b.      To employ trained people who could make best and creative products out of waste fabrics and which will enhance our online sells. So that we can sell variety of products at better prices targeting higher middle class and higher classes which will ultimately helps in cross financing the lower sales revenue at rural areas as it sold at lower prices.

c.       To extend Miteri Shops in all districts to serve the needy people as much as possible.

d.      To increase social awareness on recycled products and branding.

e.      To make people habit of donating good condition cloths which is not useful to him/her but good enough for other people to purchase and wear happily.(Generally there is trend of donating  unwanted cloths which are damaged, faded etc)

f.        To change the mind set of people towards using used cloths.

g.      Our idea is also to collect and sell second hand ornaments and baby shoes in future.

9.      Team Member

 MRC is being operated with dream to make it sustainable and profitable at the earliest possible. There are 2 female who is working full time. One is Project Manager looking after its overall management, planning and monitoring. And next lady incharge contributes in cloths collection, recycling those clothes(washing, stitching and packaging) and sending  to far-western regions. The Project Manager is from management background with 3 years experience in developing social businesses in Jumla, Karnali Region. Moreover the MRC is being run under guidance and supervision of AWON board members who are have good expertise on social side and national and international networking. Action Works Nepal(AWON) and its team members are supporting wherever required.

For further details please check below links:






Contact Address:

              Miteri Recycle Centre/Action Works Nepal

                Kabil Marg, Thapathali



Target Location :

Places in need of our help

Target Audience :

Needy people of all age-group esp. children, mothers, girls, old people

Scope :

Benefit :

Early Feedbacks from People:

Business Plan

Estimated Human Resources :

Purpose :

Problem :

Solution :

Timeline :

Market Research :

Intended Customer :

Technology Required :

Minimum Investment Required :


Maximum Investment Required :


Estimated Profit Per Year :


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