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There will be a moving library (volunteer). The schools having no library can call them. Volunteer will provide 2 different books to each students which are not identical to eachother to interested students. Volunteer will make a visit each week and exchange the books of students.

Mobile Library for Remote area Children

Definitions of major terms:

Mobile Library:  It will be a person who will make a visit to school in remote area on a regular basis usually in a week or once in two weeks. This person will be mobilized by an organization. He/she will be responsible for the exchange of books, conducting extra activities, inspecting books conditions, making reports on changes of students, etc.

Organization: This organization will collect useful books from the donors who may be anyone form our society. This organization will be contacted by the school not having library. This organization will mobilize the volunteers on a regular basis and make sure the project is running well. The organization will be non-profit making organization.

Students: The students who are interested in reading will be highly benefited. Each member (student) will get 2 books as membership. They will get books which are different from other members of the library. If the students wants then they can exchange in absence of librarian in mutual understanding but they need to have 2 books in order to get books exchanged from library. Students will also be regulated by the school teacher. If students want to terminate membership then they need to give 2 books back to librarian. As there will be collaboration between the school and organization. The school will make sure that students don't loose the books otherwise they will be penalized.

Location: A favorable location will be chosen (usually school) where members can meet on a certain date and time. The time will be decided by the mutual understanding between the librarian and members. There will be specific time when the books are to be exchanged. It will be once a week or once in two weeks.

Books of Library: All the books will be floating. That means bigger the members size bigger will be the library. Students can't get new books until they will finish their book. If the members finish the rotation of the circle then books from other moving library will be brought ( that is to be done by organization).

Attraction: For the attraction of members there will be conduct of extra activities like quiz contest, drawing competition, debate, fun games, etc. during the visit of librarian which will be conducted once in two weeks. The winner will get surprise gift.

Donors: Donors can be any one of us. We can donate the unused books to the organization or new books. Donors can also donate financially.

Steps how the Mobile Library for Remote area Children will work:

1. School / Community who are interested in having library will contact the organization.

2. The organization will check the viability of the school/ community which can participate.

3. The books will be collected from the donors as per the requirement of the members ( that will be usually as per the age group involved)

4. The organization will visit the members with librarian and school/community responsible personnel and provide 2 books to each members. The bigger the number of members bigger will be the library.

5. The terms and conditions will be explained to the members.

6. Members can make request what kind of books they required to the librarian.

7. The librarian will make a regular visit to a certain place on certain time who will be responsible for conducting programs, exchanging books, make reports and inspecting condition of the books.

8. Librarian will help to make exchange of books between the members. If a member will exceeds the time of normal reading time of the books then he/she will be helped by the librarian.

9. If the circulation of books will be finished then the role of organization will be activated. Organization will check other mobile library for the books or collect more books from donors.

10. This will help children to study and improve their reading habit.

11. Volunteers can read books and help 5 kids every weekends.

This project can be conducted not only to schools or children but also the women community group or other village community on Saturday so that community and families can get benifit by reading books.

Target Location :

Target Audience :

Scope :

Benefit :

  • Benefit will be directly to the society as they will get educated manpower.
  • Children can improve their reading habit.
  • Schools having no library can adopt this projects.
  • Unused books will be recycled.
  • Refreshment will be provided through the extra activities.

Early Feedbacks from People:

Business Plan

Estimated Human Resources :

Purpose :

Problem :

Solution :

Timeline :

Market Research :

Intended Customer :

Technology Required :

  • Just record keeping of the books, members and donors can be done.

Minimum Investment Required :

NPR. 120000.0000

Maximum Investment Required :

NPR. 200000.0000

Estimated Profit Per Year :

NPR. 0

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