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Mumma-Care is an app that collects information,disseminates data and sends reminders to ensure safe and effective maternal and child health care. This app will primarily be used by Primary Health Care workers to record the data during antenatal and postnatal period of a pregnant women.

To collect data from remote areas is a painstaking task requiring a number of resources. Our app will efffectively solve the problems regarding collection of information related to maternal and child health from the remotest of the places. 

Pregnant women in rural areas are unaware of their Antenatal Care (ANC) visits. This app will notify them via SMS or app notifications (whichever feasible) regarding their ANC visits. This app will also solve the problem regarding storage and retrieval of information collected during those visits.

After the delivery, mothers are sometimes unaware, at times forgetful about their child's vaccination schedules. This app will also send them a reminder for those dates.

Growth curves and other information recorded in paper are liable to get wear and tear. This app helps to store and retrieve those information as required in a systematic way. 

This app is focused on two functions: Antenatal care of pregnant and Postnatal care of mother and child. 

Antenatal care:

During antenatal care, health care worker at PHC will record the informations like Name, age, cell no., weight and haemoglobin levels (Updated at each visit), next visit date (an app notification or an SMS will be sent few days before the next visit) and other findings (such as diseases like HIV, tetanus ) 

Postnatal Care:

During postnatal care, health care worker at PHC will record the information like date of birth of child, weight of the child at birth, weight (both mother and child) which will be updated at every visit based on which a WHO growth chart will be drawn by the app, immunisation schedule according to national standard for the child (which will be notified via app notification or an SMS).

Besides these individual data, this app will also have a feature to store the collective informations like the mortality rate of child and mother of that area, viral diseases that are seen frequently in mother and child, the average weight of child born and other informations on the basis of which a chart will be made which will not only help to visualise the present condition of that area but will also help in centralising those data effectively during census and for other national and international records.

Target Location :

Primary Health Care centers of rural areas.

Target Audience :

Primary Health Care (PHC) centres who need to record the information; Pregnant Women/ Post partum mother; People /Organisations involved in public health research and Government Agencies

Scope :

Benefit :

1.This app will help in regularising ANC visits which in turn prevents maternal and neonatal tetanus. 

Prevents maternal anaemia and malnutrition.

2.Helps to regularise child vaccination which will control infant mortality.

3.Makes it easier for the health care worker to view the pregnant's ANC history and findings that will help in making rational medical decisions.

4.After the birth of child, this app also records the child's growth on a WHO (World Health Organisation) growth chart.

5.Hence recorded data can be accessed by concerned stakeholders such as Government agencies, people/organisations involved in public health research for making necessary arrangements to improve the current situation.

Early Feedbacks from People:

We demonstrated this app (prototype) to the studnets of Nepal Army Medical College and their pharmacy department. They were very pleased to see the app and the students were excited to use this app duing their next field visit. Also, the doctors from pharmacy department appreciated the idea.

This app was also demonstrated to some gyanocologist in Norvic hospital and we were more than happy to get positive feedback from them.

Business Plan

Estimated Human Resources :

Dvelopers- 3

Material Designer- 2

Office manager and other staffs- 3

Server expert- 2

Our app will be managed by a team of people including the following:

1. Administrative staff: who will look after the day to day activities of the members and their welfare, legal aspects and manage daily as well as monthly income and expenditures. 

2. Marketing staff: who will market the product, promote its use and increase the number of users and aim for a sustainable market of the product. The team will be responsible for revenue collection. They will reach out to various product developers and convince them about the possible advertisement they can make through our app. Their role will also be reaching out to various stake holders who will be interested in the app and the data collected through the app. 

3. Developers: App developing and updating technical staff will be responsible for the smooth running and timely updating of the app. With time, the app should be updated, new features being added and crashing of the application checked. This technical team will look after the technical glitches that may come from time to time, including the security issues.


Purpose :

This is an app used by the primary health care worker for pregnant and post-partum women. It is a community based app and there are large number of people who can use this app. Collecting and retrieving information regarding pregnant women is done in all parts of the world but this app enables this in more systematic, safer and digitized way. 

This is the first app of its kind which not only stores and retrieves necessary data but also has some extra features like sending reminder, making child growth curve and so on. The data hence recorded by this app can be used by different health related NGO's and INGO's and also for educational purpose and can be analyzed collectively to take necessary steps. The alert reminder via SMS or internet is one of the key feature of this app which helps pregnant women to prevent themselves from many viral diseases of which they might not be aware of. 

We want to develop this app and explore its market for the following reasons :

1. Nepal has high maternal and infant mortality rates. If Antenatal care(ANC) visits, perinatal visits and post natal care (PNC) visits  could be monitored and regulated as prescribed by our national policy or according to WHO, these figures may improve. During these visits, a health care worker will keep track of the overall health condition of the mother to be at ANC visits and of the new mother as well as the neonate at the PNC visits. Based on the information available at those visits, the health personnel will counsel the patient and if required refer to the higher centre.

2. Nepal is geographically diverse but has an excellent mobile penetration. People in remote regions do not even know that they should have their health checkups .This app will collect data and send SMS thus making sure information is reached if a mobile is available. 

3. Locally developed app having features like this app has not been developed. So this app has potential to grow. 

4. Our app has a motto: Save mother Save child

Problem :

-Loss of data and records which make respective health presonnel difficult to analyze the present condition which is eliminated by recording the data in a digitized way and centralizing those data.

-Lack of timely visits of mother. So, ensuring timely visit by notifying her during her visit period.

-If recorded in hardcopy, difficult to centralize the data whereas if recorded in digitized way, can be centralized very easily, accurately and quickly.

Solution :

-Notify the patient (pregnant and post-partum women) about their frequent visit period via SMS or notification (Internet) whichever feasible and also alert them if any viral diseases are seen in that area.

-To analyze the health condition of child, makes a child growth curve,

-Records weight, health condition, diseases, complications etc of patient and child during each visit which help respective personnel to make quick and effective decisions during next visit.

-Once in a period of time, centralizes the data so that it can be collectively analysed.

Timeline :

Our marketing plan will consist of following stages :

1. Marketing before release: 
-reviews by influential personalities.. senior doctors , policy making staffs at NGOs and INGOs. Local leaders etc. 
-media coverage 
- social media campaigning
- free installs 

2. During release:
- Social media campaigning ( Facebook, twitter,
Instagram, Google+)
- App reviews
- paid advertisements in newspapers and media
-pamphlets and brochures 

3. After release: 
- Notifications
-offline advertisements 
- Public relations 
- Partnerships
- Contests (Quizes)
- Seminars, Workshops
-Presence at medical Conferences
- Networking


We hope to develop and launch our app by June 2016. The app will be installed in 10 android devices and will be put on a trial. Then the following month the app will be installed in the android devices of the health team at various wards of my village and their feedback will be received and necessary changes will be made. 

Then after the app will be scaled up and will be trialed in smaller communities. When the app functions well in those, it will be put on play store. 

We hope to reach our target market by March 2017

Market Research :

This app mainly focuses on rural areas of the country. In the context of Nepal, there are 3,276 villages (Village Development Committees) and each VDC is further divided into several wards. On average, one VDC has nine wards and each ward contains at least a primary health care worker. Hence, talking only about rural areas of Nepal, we will have more than 27,000 active users. Also, this app can be used in city areas too which increases the number of active users.

This app can also be used by patient herself to view her and her child's health condition, thus increasing the number of user of the app and this number, obviously, goes on increasing.


Revenue will be made through following ways: 

1. Advertisements (Pictures, message and short videos ) may be incorporated for various products such as child and maternal health kits, devices, health centres etc for money. 

2. Data collected may be disseminated to various stakeholders such as NGOs, INGOs , government agencies and researchers( people and institutes) in exchange for some minimal charges. 

3. Donations from generous people and institutes may be recieved. 

4. Fixed term contracts with concerned health care settings may generate some revenue. 

5. Google playstore may pay depending on the app downloads and user ratings. 

Charges will be fixed after proper market analysis.

Intended Customer :

This app will be used primarily by two users: 

1. Health care workers: based at a health setting who are looking after maternal and child health. These may include community health workers, health assistants and medical officers based at various health posts and hospitals of the country. These health care workers will be responsible for entering the data related to patients. The health care workers will be provided an android device with the app installed and they will be trained on using the app through workshops.  

2. Patients: Our patients are not in fact sick people; they are pregnant and postpartum women who will be visiting the health setting for their as well as their child's health check up and vaccinations. Patients without an android device will receive SMS alerts on any mobile in their reach and those with an android device will get app notifications or SMS depending on internet access.

Besides health care workers and patients, this app will be monitored and administered by a team of web developers who will customize the app according to need and feedback from the users. However, it will add only those features which will be significant for the better health of the mother and the neonate. 

Technology Required :

Smartphone having Android/IOS

Server (For recording and centralizing the data)


Internet Facility

Minimum Investment Required :

NPR. 250000.0000

Maximum Investment Required :

NPR. 900000.0000

Estimated Profit Per Year :

NPR. 6000000

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