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Its a mobile based application that tracks the health of a baby and a mother from a prenatal period to postnatal period. This app will help in reducing the child mortality rate and maternal mortality rate increasing the quality of both mother and child ‘s health.

My Baby app is a mobile app targeted for maternal and child health care. It tracks the health of the child and mother from prenatal period to the postnatal period. When first installed this app, this app will ask for the time either asked to input the date of birth of child or estimated time remaining for the birth of child as mentioned by the doctor so that app can give the targeted information and features required at particular timing. When women is notified or confirmed a pregnancy, then this app can be used then after also. Women’s important details ranging from her age, weight, etc. will be input. And doctor will also input the estimated date of birth of a baby and also other routinely check-up dates in the mobile app.

Then the app starts tracking the baby and mother health. This app will notify the mother about the time for routinely check-ups. It will also help patient to track the medicines like IRON CAPSULE and other medicines.

Medicine Tracking: There will be option for capturing up to 2 images of single medicine so that they don’t need to remember the name of the medicine.  Then amount of the medicines taken from the hospital and the timing of the medicine to be taken will be input in it. And then this option of my app will help the mother to remember the medicine intake timing and to remind of medicine is soon finishing.

Maternal & Child Health Care Awareness: This app will also help in awaring the mother about the importance and methodology for caring her and her baby’s health. Various materials and resources on maternal and child health information which are friendly to every women of any intellectual capacity will be available in my app.

Emergency Contacts: It will have a feature in which one touch on a mobile will notify to the targeted 3-5 persons in case of any emergency. User can assign 3-5 contacts in it and it will charge the user at the same time when she will be assigning targeted contacts person from her contact list so that when in case of emergency she don’t need to worry about the zero balance in her mobile. One a notify button with a default message of help or custom message is pressed, then it will notify via sms notification.

Vaccination tracking: After the birth of the child, the app will be ask for the exact input of date and timing of birth of child. And then the app will start tracking and notifying the vaccines and required routinely check-ups. Vaccines line BCG, Hepatitis, Polio etc. are the required vaccines at certain time after birth of child. And this app will notify or reminds mother regarding those vaccinations and check-ups.

Target Location :


Target Audience :

Mostly Mothers

Scope :

Benefit :

  • It will help in increasing the quality of maternal health as well of child health.
  • It will help in decreasing the maternal and child death rate.
  • Saves from unpredictable health consequences.
  • It helps in disciplined and timed medication.


Early Feedbacks from People:


Business Plan

Estimated Human Resources :


Purpose :

To trace the mother's and baby's helth before and after the birth of baby.

Problem :

High maternal and infant mortality rate

Solution :

To help to increase the quality of mother's and baby's health.

Timeline :


Market Research :


Intended Customer :

Mothers and Father's who care but anyone 

Technology Required :

Android Mobile/Windows Phone

Minimum Investment Required :

NPR. 1000000.0000

Maximum Investment Required :

NPR. 2500000.0000

Estimated Profit Per Year :

NPR. 500000

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