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Compare everything and anything

Ever been dissapointed due to unknown charge and tarrifs of hotels and resorts(numerous hotels and resorts are operating in nepal presently)

Ever been confused while choosing internet for your home or office use (numerious internet service providers are operating in nepal currently with different price tags and offers)

Ever been dissapointed due to unknown rates of banks(interest rates on both Loan and deposit)[ there are currently 21 commercial banks, 74 development banks, 48 finance companies, 40 class d banks] really frustating and tiresome activity to drop by each banks and get the interest details in their products!!!

Ever been dissapointed due to unknown premium and offers of insurance companies (Both life and non-life insurance)[there are 9 life and 16 non life insurance companies in nepal] really frustating and tiresome activity to drop by each banks and get the interest details in their products!!!

Ever been dissapointed due to e-commerce website’s price ranges. [ there are numerous websites operating and numerous website launching daily for e-commerce business in nepal]

Ever been dissapointed due to unknown bus, plane fairs of different travelling agencies.


Problem solved!! You can compare everything and anything which is possible from the doors of local markets to national businesses. You don’t need to spend much time on searching many websites or many doors to gather the informations required. You can get all the informations in one place i.e. in NCompare

Target Location :

Whole Nepal

Target Audience :

All peoples who are unknown about market rates and tariffs and peoples who are willing to compare & contrast on the products and services of their need.

Scope :

Benefit :

  1. One place for all required information.
  2. Choose best price with best offers available
  3. Compare products and services as well as their rates and tariffs.
  4. Time saver.
  5. Quick decision assistance.
  6. Smarter citizens :)

Early Feedbacks from People:

While the world is growing rapidly towards the information and technological enchancement, a simple idea in country where IT and Websurfing is still in transational phase is quite challanging. I got huge support from people who are well known about the globalization of internet and its power. I also received some criticism from them.

Some of the feedback from these human beings are listed below:

  1. Unique Idea in nepalese IT environment.
  2. Resource would help a common citizen who are unaware of the market withing a few clicks,
  3. Increases customers knowledge about the product or service which they are going to use.
  4. Frequent update needed ( criticism)
  5. Support from all organization is hard to get (Criticism but in my view support could be easily gained as it will also help those organizations to boost their competition level)

Business Plan

Estimated Human Resources :

I think it is a least human power using idea . It only needs two human beings to start its operation:

  1. Web developer with Mobile app development capability
  2. A person with data entry knowledge

Purpose :

The basic purpose of NCompare would be to provide sufficient knowledge for the citizens of Nepal about the varied products and services which are available in the market place. It would be initiated for fulfilling following major purposes:

  1. Helping you find the right product with commitment of finding you the right price
  2. Saving you time by instant comparisions modules
  3. Being clear and unbiased and respecting your privacy

Problem :

The major problem that could be faced during its  initial life cycle may be :

  1. Introduction Phase : Problem with collection of datas from varied resources.
  2. Growth Phase: Frequent Update and upgrading.

Solution :

The above mentioned problems could be solved in following ways:

  1. Introduction Phase : Seeking help with governing bodies such as help from Nepal Rastra Bank for Bank interest and loan rates, help from Beema Sammiti for insurance policies rates and so on.
  2. Growth Phase: Implanting data servers for recording and computation of new datas.

Timeline :

Phase One: Information Gathering (1.5 month)

Certain things to consider are:

  • Purpose
  • Goals
  • Target Audience
  • Content

Phase Two: Planning(1 week)

Phase Three: Design(1 week)

Phase Four: Development(1 week)

Phase Five: Testing (1 week)

Phase Six: Maintenance...

Market Research :

The market research for this idea can be summed up in following points:

  1. Demographics and Segmentation (volume and value, potential customers, etc) : The major attraction group for this business are the youths and the peoples having internet access.
  2. Market Need : A website fulfilling all the expectation of the customer.
  3. Barriers to Entry : Infomations access, rules and regulations ,etc

Return on Investemnt (ROI): NCompare will operate on profit within two years of its operation. The unique techniques (Not only advertisements) will be initiated for profit earning purpose. The financial position of NCompare will get boosted within a year by contracting with the clients for doing online deals, online transactions and ecommercialization making NCompare a special spot for companies and organizations too.

Intended Customer :

The focus group during the initial phases would be the youths having internet access. Although the focus would be on youths, availability of user friendly designs would attract other age groups also.

Technology Required :

  • Web based designing,
  • Graphic designing
  • Mobile app development
  • Internet Payment modules
  • Storage Server and some cool supporters ;)

Minimum Investment Required :

NPR. 500000.0000

Maximum Investment Required :

NPR. 1000000.0000

Estimated Profit Per Year :

NPR. 300000.00+

2 Comments on “NCompare”

  • santosh
    santosh   (1/17/2016)

    what an idea ?

  • Bir
    Bir   (1/17/2016)

    It is really an good idea if one incorporate all into one. I mean it's just like a jumbo jet.

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