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Its a business model based on providing 24 hours customer care support to tourists to help in their easy navigation in Nepal.

With collobrating with communication service provider in Nepal, dedicated SIM service be initiated with the packag basesd service on internet, sms and mms. Once user (mostly the international tourist who mostly are unawared about the routs and location of Nepal) gets subscribe to one of the various allocated plan. If subscriber has to find particular bus route or route to certain place in Nepal then we wil proovide the service of guiding them obtaining theor GPS location. The service will be 24 hours continuously. Once the user gets subscribe to our servic, the user can get service after validating their user validity. In addition to navigation service, usr can also ask for getting location of certain institutions from their location, book for taxi, hotels, etc. The service may also be provided via sms technology/ app or phone call depending upon the user's plan and feasibility.

Target Location :


Target Audience :

National as well as International Tourists

Scope :

Benefit :

It makes tourists navigation of local and international tourists easier to navigate.

They can be safe from being looted from ill inded transportation service provider and hotels. 

It makes tourists visit plan easier.

Early Feedbacks from People:


Business Plan

Estimated Human Resources :


Purpose :

To guide tourist to their destination

To help them to make tour planning 

To help them with ticketing and travelling 

Problem :

Many tourists can't get to their destination easily because of language problem

Many tourist gets looted by fake guides and drivers and other agents

Solution :

We will assist 24 hours to those subscribers as per their subscribed plan

Timeline :


Market Research :

Nepal has got lots of potential in it. Though haven't made many reasearch on it.

Intended Customer :


Technology Required :




Communication Service provider(NTC/NCELL/etc)

Minimum Investment Required :

NPR. 500000.0000

Maximum Investment Required :

NPR. 10000000.0000

Estimated Profit Per Year :

NPR. 500000-2000000

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