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Not satisfied what the NEWS Channels are Broadcasting, Start News Casting.

  • Upload news around you and share with your friends and the whole country with your Smartphone, anywhere, anytime. Corruption, child abuse, blackmailing, sexual harassment are the few problems in every society which holds the society for the potential, economic and social growth. Our idea is to give power to common people to upload videos as NEWS.
  • Students, government officers, workers, social media followers if things that's not right is happening with them at any point, they can take videos of the act,make a headline subject and could show to authorised person,police and the whole country.

Target Location :


Target Audience :

Common people of Nepal

Scope :

Benefit :

  • Individuals can overcome the fear of lack
    of evidence and basic rights violations.
  • There will be decrease in Corruption
  • People will be self-dependent
  • Can be your own reporter

Early Feedbacks from People:

We met different set of peoples,overall feedback was very good, peoples were very excited about the idea and have said to bring it on the market as soon as possible and is great idea to make change in the society.

And some of the peoples said that, "the idea is really great, but might be difficult in case of country like Nepal, need to do a lot of Advertisements to reach to the peoples and make it useful at a nation level."

Business Plan

Estimated Human Resources :

Good team of 6 people is required for the overall program development.

2 people: Android developer

1 people: Website developer

1 people: Business developer 

2 people: Human Resource to review news.

Training and development can be prior for any facilated change.

Purpose :

Newscast is for right to information about real news in our country

Problem :

To control user managment system.( Review news and check for any transparency, edited, fake and nudity)

Solution :

Human Resouce to review post at initial stage followed by AI to review post in the next level.

Timeline :

30-35 days

Market Research :

RSS News Apps, News app for reading, Direct News apps for news channels.

Intended Customer :

Students, Youths, Girls and all the other general peoples who want to make change and upliftment in the society and the whole nation.

Technology Required :

  1. Smartphone application develpment
  2. Website Development


Minimum Investment Required :

NPR. 272500.0000

Maximum Investment Required :

NPR. 702500.0000

Estimated Profit Per Year :

NPR. 564000

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