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The recent earthquake has created the loss of the discharge in the water source which has created a lot of problems.To encounter the effects a simple solution can be introduced ie DRIP IRRIGATION USING RAIN WATER HARVESTING .

 We all know that THE GORKHA EARTHQUAKE 2015 has brought a lot of physical and emotional damages to our country. All the damages cannot be described in one paper and cannot be well addressed also.  This paper is mainly concerned with the problem that I have seen in the domestic and agriculture sector of Nepal. Due to the earthquake many spring sources are mostly dried and some of them are with negligible discharge. This directly affects not only the water supply facility for the village but also the irrigation facility.

This problem can be easily solved by the Rainwater harvesting technique. We can use harvesting ponds in the high places which can be used for both water supply and drip irrigation. Drip irrigation requires  much less water quantity than canal irrigation which assures the water to long last for winter season.

At first the suitable site for the project implementation should be selected. Then the quantity of rainwater annually should be calculated and the spot for collecting the water should be designed.  The spot can be the harvesting pond also. The pond is lined with sipolin plastic which helps to reduce the seepage and evaporation loss of the pond. The pond water should be diverted to the tank which then leads to the drip network for the irrigation and for the water supply.

The traditional technique needs much time and money for the design and implementation I hope this idea can bring agricultural revolution in the earthquake affected areas where the source of irrigation ad water supply is affected by the earthquake.

 The role of each individual in this time is huge one. We all should be focused for the solution of the problems that this earthquake has brought. 

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Benefit :

The projec is simple and cheap.It can be easily replicated in others affected districts too.

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NPR. 50000.0000

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NPR. 100000.0000

Estimated Profit Per Year :

NPR. 500000


  • Kismat singh
    Kismat singh   (1/27/2016)

    Innovative idea yar..we really need it now

  • Bipin Jha
    Bipin Jha   (1/27/2016)

    This is a great idea! I would love to see the demo.

  • Nandu
    Nandu   (1/27/2016)

    Great idea bro

  • Roshan kumar mandal
    Roshan kumar mandal   (1/28/2016)

    This idea is very useful to all the geographical regions as we know Nepal is rich in rainwater precipitation. Really cool idea.

  • suyog
    suyog   (1/28/2016)

    Thanks pal

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