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Smart Text Audio Book for all Level of School/College Students who can study their all courses or notes in their own Mobile, PC or MP3 Player through listening anywhere, anytime. It will be the future education system of study, revise of their all course Books.

Smart Audio Book is a smart way of studying for students of different levels and faculties. It includes their entire course which can be accessed through their Mobiles, Tab or PC anytime, anywhere. It enables students to revise their courses or notes repeatedly until they completely understand it .

Easily applicable and portable smart book helps students to learn comfortably without being parasitic to books. Even accessible in power cuts it can be listened to while walking, travelling, cooking, waiting someone or relaxing etc.making them confident and aiding to improvement in results.

They can study not only their courses but all types of books or everything whatever they want to listen & study. It is the way of STUDY SMARTLY, not hardly.
Finally this idea is Smart, Interesting, Acceptable, Feasiable, Sustainable easy to access all over the Nepal.

Target Location :

All over the nation (Overall Nepal).

Target Audience :

All level of school/college students of Nepal.

Scope :

Benefit :

  • Smart Audio books develop reading, listening skills, quiet concentration power & confidence which are most important potential factor of students.
  • Students can study their courses anytime, anywhere accessed through their mobile, Tab or pc, so they can save & use of their maximum time.
  • It is one of the great idea for maximum reading, revision of courses.
  • You extend your literacy time because you can listen while walking, going to college & office, travelling, cooking, waiting for someone, tidying your room, or taking exercise or relaxing etc.,
  • Students don't have to worried about power-cuts problem for study.
  • Students can prepare for their classes beforehand making it easier for students to revise.
  • Sidestep unfamiliar dialects or accents, and old-fashioned literary styles.
  • Audio books open up literary texts for visually impaired person.
  • All Researches proved that listening is the best way of learning & Studing.

Early Feedbacks from People:

This idea is absolutely new concept which is not opon up for students yet. But many other developed countries have been practice this concept successfully. And I'm sure that we have to only lunch this concept in market. students will accept the way of learning in this way when they know about this concept for study. There is no dought that it is the future education system.

Business Plan

Estimated Human Resources :

This idea is not for only limited area but overall nepal.

So I need many department in different Region to provide the audio book for students.

1. Professional Nepali/English Recordist or Reader

2. Program co-ordinator

3. Market Researchers

4. Office Staffs, Counselor

5. Volunteers.

Purpose :

  • The main purpose is to provide world class education to all students of Nepal gradually.
  • To create audio e-book library of all kind of faculties of students in Nepal.
  • Smart Audio Book is concentrating students for study, revise their courses or notes anytime, anywhere.
  • Students are provided not only their audio course book but their course related other popular e-books into audio version.
  • To establish as a Future Education System.
  • To make students' learning attitude as a smart, widespread their mind for study.

Problem :

  • Traditionally oriented Nepali teaching methodology has enforced students to entirely depend on rote learning which is making them a failure in this competitive era.
  • Nepal still lacks education that incorporates technology
  • Demotivating students and finally killing the students interest on technology

Problems for Business plan:

  1. Financial problem for compensation to recordist, studio, web developers, marketing etc.
  2. Lack of Human Resources.
  3. co-ordination problem to access overal Nepal.
  4. Piracy problem in Audio book.

Solution :

  • The main essence of this audio book is to provide education smartly,
  • I will train the staffs for proper functioning,
  • Smart audio book is a way of study smartly for students anytime anywhere. So they have to know one thing, they can learn anything.

Solution for Business plan:

  1. To tackle financial problem I've already import a software which can help me to record books in audio version of highly professional foreign recordist. (english medium books only)
  2. I'll hire & train to HR for this project.
  3. For marketing I'll use official website, social media, printing papers, audio visual ads, Newspapers etc.
  4. I'm searching audio protection software to stop piracy of audio file.

Timeline :

Months- 5: audio book and website preperation Months- 6: promotion and distribution of audio book through website, social media, printing ads, show on FM, TV or direct councelling to students.

Months- 12: analysis of the success and problems Year promotion of the concept using skilled human resource

Months- 5 : Preparing all level of Audio Books & Notes & official website.

Months- 6: Promoting & Distributing of audio book   through website, social media, printing ads, show on FM, TV or direct councelling to students.

Months- 12: Analyzing the success & problems of this idea.

After year 1: By the help of skillful & trained huge human resources we will promote & access this idea all over the nation.



Market Research :

Researches have proven that listening is the best way of learning. Realizing the very fact the idea of Smart Audio book was brought up. The penetration of mobile phones is more than 90% in Nepal. Most of the students have mobile phones today and they can use it to listen audio book. There are million of students who can benefitted from this idea. It is a revolutionary idea which will be change the way of learning.


Intended Customer :

  1. The 1st priority is college level students.
  2. And finally targeting all level of students from overall Nepal.

Technology Required :

  • Recording Studio
  • Computer & Internet access
  • official website (App in future plan)
  • Editing & Background sound mixing   (background music for concentrating in study)

Minimum Investment Required :

NPR. 100000.0000

Maximum Investment Required :

NPR. 300000.0000

Estimated Profit Per Year :

NPR. 2,000,000

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