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Producing scented candles with maximum use of locally available raw materials (herbs, etc.).

Everyone loves to me in a good mood with a luxury of pleasant fragrance in the vicinity. The scented candles are basically mood lighteners - light the candle, the lighted candle lights your mood with an elegant aroma. You can use it everywhere. And it’ll surely help make a candle light dinner with your loved one more romantic ;) .

Currently, there is not a big market for scented candles in Nepal because not many people know about this kind of product. If we produce a decent product and marketise extensively,   the product will be widely used and it’ll create an unique space for itself in the market providing us a fair area to grow.

We can use different herbs and plants found in our country as raw materials as well. Using herbs and making it ‘organic’ (using natural raw materials with no effect on our health), we can brand it differently than others available in the market. It can expand nationally and has a potential to ultimately go global making it a ‘Brand of Nepal’.



Major cities of Nepal (Kathmandu, Pokhara, Nepalgunj, Biratnagar, Chitwan, Dharan, etc.). Plus, an ultimate ambition of going global.



The scented candles can be used in your home, office or basically everywhere. It can be used in religious places like church and also in temple as it would be a better alternative to commercial Agarbatti which has an adverse effect on our health. Similarly, its fragrance helps us to focus more while we’re meditating.

Target Location :

Kathmandu valley, Biratnagar and Dharan.

Target Audience :

general public

Scope :

Benefit :

Scented candle is a fabulous luxury, bringing you peace and joy at the end of a hard day. Some of the benefits are:

  • Candle light promotes focus

Candlelight is gentle, not overwhelming on the eyes like sunlight. Lighting a candle in a dark room makes shadows and angles more gentle, thanks to the warm softness of a candle flame. Your mind is able to focus and concentrate better as a result.

  • They nourish the environment

A scented candle releases soothing, health-reinforcing soy into the atmosphere, giving your body an extra sense of calm.  

  • Scent is connected with memory

The most powerful of the 5 senses is scent. Certain aromas are connected to your memory, and choosing the right fragrances can connect you better to yourself and the things that make you happy. Revisit the best parts of you with your favorite smells.

  • Your mood can change based on scent

Not only is your sense of smell connected to memory, it’s connected to your emotional receptors as well. Certain fragrances tend to promote positive emotions in everyone - including many floral scents like lavender and rose, which stimulate a sense of calm.

  • Candle expresses your personality

Choosing the right candle says volumes about who you are. Plus, they accent any room beautifully. Whether you love fruity scents, woodsy scents, or something in between, lighting a scented candle marks your space as your own and empowers you.

Early Feedbacks from People:

The early feedback from people has been good. Many people I talked to about scented candles have been waiting to see it in market.

Business Plan

Estimated Human Resources :
  • unskilled human resource - 2
  • skilled human resource - 2
  • sales agent - 1
  • others - 2

Total - 7

Purpose :

The main purpose of this product is to create a space for itself in Nepal's market as well as in international market as a premium quality herbal scented candles.

Problem :

Scented candles aren't readily available in Nepalese market. And even if they are available, most of them are imported from foreign countries.

Solution :

We propose a solution of creating a business of herbal scented candles. Using herbs found in Nepal, we can create better product and marketing them in the international market is also easy.

Timeline :

Initial phase:-

Duration - 6 months

trainings to employees, selection of location and raw materials, making business plans.

Final phase:-

After the completion of initial phase, the scented candles will go in production.

Market Research :

Increasing demand but no production in Nepal increases the potentiality of product succeeding in the market. 

Intended Customer :

Our intended customers are general public especially middle class population.

Technology Required :

  • Air quality test equipment (To test whether a candle manufactured produces any harmful gases or toxins)
  • Molding machine (To give wax a proper shape )

Minimum Investment Required :

NPR. 200000.0000

Maximum Investment Required :

NPR. 10000000.0000

Estimated Profit Per Year :

NPR. 80000 - 200000

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  • Saroj Pokharel
    Saroj Pokharel   (1/18/2016)

    Good idea Chhora! Keep it up!

  • Jwolant
    Jwolant   (1/31/2016)

    Good luck Shasank Jee !!

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