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This application will let the schools and colleges manage their information with ease and have their dedicated interface and work as a hub for education related people.

This is a simple but yet an effective way for information management for schools and colleges. This is a web based application that will run on smartphones, tablets as well as PCs. This application will let the colleges and schools to manage their informations like academic calender, events, notices and more. Each of the institutions will have their dedicated interface.

Each of the institution will have access over their dedicated interface through which they will be able to add, modify or remove the students and staff records. Each student and staff shall have unique login id. Staffs and students shall be able to get all the information about the institution which the institution wants to share.

Teachers shall also be able to post the assignments, share notes and students will be able to submit assignments online too. 

Upon the request and proposal of the schools and colleges, more features shall be added (fee records, performance reports and other individual student and teacher records.)

*** Institutions shall be able to manage students accounts from the website. ***

Basic features 


  • Notices
  • Events
  • Calenders
  • Gallery
  • Institution info (basic info which can consist student and staff basic records too)
  • Discussion board (open to all registered students and staffs - inter/intra school)

Privileges for Student/Teacher Interface

  • Assignments
  • Notes
  • Assessment

(Notification for updates if application is used on smarphones)

Additional Paid Features on institutions request

  • Fee records
  • Performance reports
  • Exam reports
  • Salary statements

and other features upon request.

Future plans:

Integrate e-learning platform. 

So, how are students, teachers and institution admins going to know about it?

This project has been designed with aim to provide some job opportunities for students as well as fresh graduates. So, they will be working as interns and looking after various aspects. A team will be mobilized to help instituions learn about this application and make their information and teaching learning processes easier.

How will this business earn?

Institutions shall be approached for minimal per account fee which could be around Rs 10-20 per account monthly. Complementary service shall be provided based on contract terms. 

So, if we shall be able to get 10,000 members then Rs 10 per account per month shall help us earn revenue of Rs 100,000 per month.

However, this site shall be available for service for everybody even for those who are not affiliated to any college or schools. They shall be able to get information and updates, download educational resources and also join public discussion boards.

How is society going to be benefited?

With experience of teaching in the field of public education, this business plan also intends to contribute towards education in the rural regions of Nepal. Expenses for a student in rural region for his studies constitutes nearly about 3,000 NRS (excludes personal expenses). So, we are intending to support as many students as we can as the business grows. We shall start with 20 kids or more based on the first years profit.

Being a platform shared by thousands of students and education professionals, various education related events as well as personality development trainings have also been aimed to be conducted. Major portion of the profit shall be dedicated for the contribution of education development.

Target Location :

Kathmandu and other cities with good internet

Target Audience :

Educational institutions (consultancies, colleges)

Scope :

Benefit :

  1. An easy to use application for institutions to provide information to students as well as their staffs.
  2. An easy to use application for students and staffs to get information, retrieve financial records and more.
  3. Handy application (accessible on smartphones, tablets)
  4. All OS (operating system) supported.
  5. Moderated Students dedicated forum. (for educational discussion, petitions, sharing and more.)
  6. Monetized app which will also help in financial profit
  7. Serve other advertisements too
  8. School ranking based on infrastructure, fees, students performance.

And more.......

Early Feedbacks from People:

  • good idea but appears complicated so, try making it simpler and start 1 thing at 1 time.

Business Plan

Estimated Human Resources :


3 for marketting team

2 for technical team

2 for content management

1 for online and offline media promotion

1 for overall monitoring

Purpose :

  • Common platform for sharing educational resources
  • Information channel for institutions and private firms
  • a hub for all information related to education and other similar areas

Problem :

  • time for implementation
  • loadshedding which could effect in 24x7 service
  • response from institutions

Solution :

  • regular business meeting with the targetted stakeholders, feedbacks and suggestions sessions
  • power backups and necessary precautions
  • effective marketting team which can show promising prospect

Timeline :

Week 1: Pre-development interaction with selected students and colleges

Week 2, 3, 4, 5 - Application development and business research (selection of ideal colleges and institutions)

Week 6: Piloting and demo and feedback

Week 7,8: Bug identification and debugging, advanced testing

Week 9: Business promotion, complementary services as per contracts

Week 10: Promotion, Massive marketting and business pitching

Week 11: Official launch



Market Research :

So far, no similar application or service providers have been noticed. Colleges and institutions are looking for a reliable communication media. With the use of gadgets and internet increasing, this handy app can help in smoothening the communication and information system for education as well as other sectors. And being a hub, students as well as other individuals will be able to get information and resources, everything in a single application.

Intended Customer :

Students, admins, teachers, educationalists, bloggers

Technology Required :

  1. Dedicated web server
  2. Android app
  3. iOS app
  4. responsive website

Minimum Investment Required :

NPR. 500000.0000

Maximum Investment Required :

NPR. 1000000.0000

Estimated Profit Per Year :

NPR. 200,000

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