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Imagine being with your partner in the middle of the most scenic wonderlands in the most beautiful country in the world, Nepal. Couples plaza delivers this experience with luxury, safety and delight.

Love is such a wonderful feeling thats keeps us going through all ups and downs in our life. In todays context where love has almost lost its definition in real life;these couples are still keeping these flames alive. Let's take a moment to appreciate them first.Couples need their own time, own place,own moments to keep their love life going.These moments can be shared together either in short termed i.e.a day out dates or long termed i.e. vacations or weekend types.

Couples plaza is a place of peaceful and romantic oasis with a full unique architect including pavillions,fountains and varieties of flowers, shrubs and faunas brought from within and outside the country.It's a place nourished by nature at its glory, a great point of attraction for lovers, bird watchers and admirer of nature.Moreover it stands  as an examplary work of transforming natural landscapes and slopes into magnificent modern amenity to lure tourists (either native or international).Let you Travel through  a delightful nature walk to see best nature around you.Discover your own isolated slice of  faunas and floras paradise,revel in the bird song all day; and at night, explore the stars of the northern sky from the comfort of your luxury bed. Here nature doesn't get shut out.You are safe, warm and totally surrounded by  best of pure Nepal. Its exclusive and so well sophisticated .Once is never enough to  explore naturally rich nepal. You would surely come often to rejoice the moments you once had after your first visit.

Couples plaza Attractions

  1. Transparent living rooms:-  Every day in this wonderland, nature puts on a show and you are invited to participate in a way that even when the doors are shut; you are not shut out. Your living room is total surround glass – that's right – roof and floor too; with ventilation provided! At night you sleep with the Northern Cross and millions of other stars, by day you are surrounded by dramatic natural landscapes with you own slice of pure Nepalese native bush literally at the back door. Relax, let nature refuel your soul.They are designed to ensure that you experience nature's show vividly, utilising all of your senses whilst remaining sheltered in luxury. The effect is incredible. The stress of life disappears, the wonder at nature’s power and subtlety reconnects us with ourselves – and our partners.The privacy, the isolation of a tiny glass hut completely surrounded by nature – the sky, the hills, the flowing rivers, the birds, the bush – takes you to another world.

  2. Plaza indoor waterpark: Directly connected to the Couples Plaza is the plaza Indoor Waterpark, is the newest and largest waterpark in Nepal featuring 6 slides, full size wave pool, Tiny Tots Splash Park, 100 gallon tipping bucket and more! The perfect family vacation destination.

  3. Garden of heaven: Across the street from the plaza living rooms, the Couples plaza is surrounded by the beautiful couples Parks named as garden of heavens, operated by the plaza Parks Commission that has the responsibility to preserve and enhance the natural elements of parks and the surrounding park land. For decades tourists have enjoyed the Maid of the beauty within, Journey behind the romantic dates, along with an abundance of other attractions that help bring you closer to your partner.

  4. Plaza Avenue Resort:The Plaza Avenue Resort keeps guests connected to the best attractions, shopping and restaurants in hill stations. plaza Avenue is the only hotel, entertainment and attractions complex in hills that is directly across from couples plaza. Home to attractions for all ages including the plaza Indoor Waterpark. Visit the Centre of it All.

  5. Plaza  Newest Craft Brewery: At Plaza Brewing Company we are proud to represent Nepal’s brewing heritage and today’s innovative craft beer scene by offering unique beers and wines skillfully weaved with locally sourced ingredients.

  6. Couples plaza Dining: The location of the Couples Plaza  provides guests not only with the best views of the scenery, but also endless dining options. Situated across from hill station and on the plaza Avenue Resort, guests are spoiled with choices that are sure to please any appetite.

And many other areas of attractions will be added with time and requirement.



Target Location :

Hill stations-e.g.kathmandu valley,dharan & more.

Target Audience :

couples only -age groups: 18 yrs and above.

Scope :

Benefit :

Feeling of safety is a must in whatever we do or wherever we go. Plus we provide you with all possible servings,type of spot or whatever we can to make your moments meaningful. You dont need to face any strangers without your consent. We  respect your privacy and time together. Also you can enjoy the best  natural scenes here at couples plaza. Along with these features the benefits are mentioned as:

  • It helps to utilize local resources and helps in economic development of the nation.
  • It refreshes and rejuvenates mind,body and soul with its ambience and amenities.
  • It provides exclusiveness and sense of freshness and purity to visitors thus keeping them mentally and physically fit.
  • It would promote tourism and make our country more popular within the outside world.
  • It would create employment oppurtunity for local youths and olds.
  • It would help local market to florish more and earn more.
  • It would attract more tourists  and the no. of tourists automatically increases in the following days.
  • Even the local people can enjoy the best thing around them with less expenses.
  • No need to go out for honeymoon and refreshments visits since more sophisticated and fascinating destination is already present in the country.
  • It would save domestic money and manpower .
  • Conference and events related to social and personal receptions can be hosted in a most pleasant environment.
  • Beside this we take good care of nature and world existing around us by maintaing it regularly and properly.
  • Increases self dependency thus by reducing the imports.
  • Pure,organic and locally available products enhances the health of customers.
  • It helps other individuals to experience entrepreneurship in their firms.


Early Feedbacks from People:

In the past two weeks i have had lots of talks with many couples relating to their visits considering their past experiences and my idea of launching this couples plaza . What they said was totally mesmerizing.. more than 95% agreed with my idea and added if there's gonna be any places like couples plaza  in the future they are going to be  regular visitors over there.

Business Plan

Estimated Human Resources :

1. groups of engineers: 1 architect,1 civil engineer, 1 geomatic engineer

2. working staffs in all categories:15 or above

3. offline and online promoter: (2 persons)

Purpose :

Though Nepal is rich in scenic beauty and natural resources,it has not been utilised to its fuller extent so as to enhance tourism on its next level of economic development.

The sole purpose of Couples plaza is to help local market and economy evolve and develop along with providing tourists( i.e. native or international) with the best possible servings and nature to enjoy and experience quality time and feel refreshment.


Problem :

  • Unavailabilty of required materials due political instabilty.
  • location selection might be a tough  process
  • Delay in the resource gathering process.
  • More no. of investors are to be required since the initial start up amount is huge.

Solution :

The problems that might arise during the establishment of the Couples plaza can be solved by the solutions listed below:

  • Early and quick decisions/calls can avoid the unavailability and delay of infrastructures.
  • Figuring out the best local resources zones and setting the location to a particular zone.
  • Time to gather investor and ,money can be minimised  by meeting all of them in a common time and place and finalising the interested ones.

Timeline :

Couples plaza will require at least one year to come into existance. The different phases/quarters of its development are divided as per 3 months basics given as:

1. Q1: selecting target locations and investors.

2. Q2: gathering human resources, technology and local support and licenses.

3. Q3 : building and launching product 

4.Q4: launching, enhancing and promoting the product.

Early 2017: Hosting the product into real life.

Market Research :

SWOT Analysis:

1. Strength: 75-80%

2.Weakness: 25-30%

3. Oppurtunity: 85-95 %

4. Threats: 20-30 %

ROI(Return Of Investment):

Within the initial 1-1.5 years of startup phase the whole amount seems to be in each individuals hand.. and latter costs would be simply managed( max. of 2-5 % of total earnings per annum) from the profits the firm owns each annum repeatedly.

Intended Customer :

Native and international tourists.

Technology Required :

1.Survillience camera on the entry and exit gates.

2. Internet and computers

3. Radiators for heating purposes panels for electricity supply

Minimum Investment Required :

NPR. 3500000.0000

Maximum Investment Required :

NPR. 5000000.0000

Estimated Profit Per Year :

NPR. 2500000.00 (After 1.5-2 years of start up phase, couples plaza will be earning a profit of 1-2 crores per annum.

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    It's a good idea for people who love each other.

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    nice idea

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    very good

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    well done

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    keep on the spirit

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    All the best

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    Best of luck for the next phase

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    Thanks for your support and love guys

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