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Establishing an electric home appliances company in nepal and start utilising local resources that include both manpower and Raw materials,also linking the appliances with smart gadgets

Nepal is importing almost all electrical and electronic appliances from other countries. If this trend continues our technology will lag far behind. So My idea is to invent, discover and create such appliances here in our own country. As electronic appliances are complicated and hard to strart with Lets first start with basic home appliances. First we will start with Fan, then rice cooker , then iron , then many more according to the market demand. When we will have gain some Experience we will soon start adding smart system in the appliances. We will connect all our appliances with user's smart phones, tablets, pcs or laptops or even to internet with IoT as per the need. This requires a lot effort, media support and a strong passion. We will reqruite enginners and IT managers and make it a large company. We will introduce new appliances designed especially for Nepal that means we will try to solve all kinds of people are facing in the sector of electric appliances. Once we gain enough hopes and popularity then we can introduce "Nepaliness" in the world by making the company a worldclass company. Future starts today and i think we should also start progressing in this field very soon. If the company becomes huge success then we can start making electronics maybe smart phones and gadgets too. Literally, we can change future of Nepal . Nepal can be one of the leading nation in IT in next 5 years. It all depends...

"What would make us more proud than using home made electrics?"

Target Location :

First Nepal then Global Market

Target Audience :


Scope :

Benefit :

This idea benefits in many sectors such as:

First is intellectual of our country get chance to use their creation and knowledge in their own country. It makes everyone proud.Next is People get to buy appliances in affordable prices. The appliances will be totally Nepal based so problems such as loadshedding, fuel crisis, and all other inconvenience of people will be thought very carefully to introduce problemfree appliances just for Nepal. Furthermore, we will add smart control in the appliances so people can proudly use the smart appliances in low price. The major benefit of this idea is that it can give hopes to nepalese that nepal is not lagging behind and Nepalese can also BUILD! Moreover, if everything goes as planned, It can possibly give rise to Millionaires.


Suppose in First 3 months we produced 50 pcs of fans and 50 pcs of rice cookers only then

present market price of fan is Rs.1000 in average and rice cooker is Rs.2,000 in average but we will provide it in Rs.600 for fan and Rs.1,500 for ricecooker then our average profit will be Rs.1,05,000. In one year it will be Rs.4,20,000. But It was a very small scale that i supposed.  We can increase the production rate , types of appliances to make acc. to market demand . Considering the investment ,we can start gaining profit by 2nd year in millions.

Early Feedbacks from People:

Whoever listened this idea were very much delighted to hear such thing was possible in Nepal. Everyone said it would be great to use nepal based electrical appliances rather than conventional foreign one.

Business Plan

Estimated Human Resources :




Purpose :

The purposes are:

  • Reduce brain drain
  • giving opportunity to engineers and skilled manpower to develop nepalese technology
  • make it possible to enjoy our own electric appliances
  • reduces external import and increase export

Problem :

Problems include:

  1. Lack of enough engineers and skilled manpower


Solution :

1.Providing training to the general people can solve the manpower problem

2.Electrical engineers who are working for foreign companies should be brought back to nepal .

Timeline :

Market Research :

Present demand of electrical appliances is sky touching and it is sure to rise in the future.

Intended Customer :

Customers include local people.

Technology Required :

Electrical Engineering

IoTs,bluetooth and Wifi

Minimum Investment Required :

NPR. 400000.0000

Maximum Investment Required :

NPR. 1000000.0000

Estimated Profit Per Year :

NPR. 500000

2 Comments on “Smart Electric Home Appliances Made In Nepal”

  • Nitesh Karki
    Nitesh Karki   (1/11/2016)

    Appliances banauna ta muskil xa ajha smartness include garna kati garo parne ho edi sacchikai implement hune ho vane chai ur idea is life changing

  • Santosh
    Santosh   (1/11/2016)

    Yes u r right it is a very difficult task teivaerai yo opportunity miss nagarum vanera post gareko ho approve vayo vane ta there's more to it

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