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This idea is to fully replace hydroelectricity by solar energy so that we can use all the high or less energy consuming appliances at a very low cost. Maximum sunlight is to be converted to electricity using a large number of solar panels and supplied to every houses in Nepal.

Though the use of solar energy is in rise, I guess the total solar energy consumption is still very less. Wouldn’t it be wonderful if we use the energy of sun to the greatest extent? Shouldn’t we use it to run all those high or less­­­­ power consuming electrical appliances in every house? Our daily consumption of hydroelectricity can be fully replaced by this energy form and thus reduce the problem of power cuts.

Using solar panels to generate electricity is the most cost-effective way, I think. The solution I am talking about is not to keep few panels here and few panels there. It’s a large field with numbers of such panels, absorbing the maximum sunlight and converting it into the electricity.

It might be a little expensive in the beginning for the developing countries like ours but it is surely the cheapest way for long-term development of a nation. If needed, we can lessen the total investment cost. This includes using less number of high-costing materials but new technologies for better absorption. This will economically help the people of rural areas, towns and the nation as a whole. The only solution I see is to stop making new large investments for conventional energies and start harvesting the quiet and clean sunshine. With this, I believe to see the bright Nepal in few years with no power cuts.

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10 Comments on “Solar Energy Powering Future Nepal”

  • Mohit Amatya
    Mohit Amatya   (1/17/2016)

    Different Perception to a Every-day Solution. Nice! : )

  • Rebecca Rajbhandari
    Rebecca Rajbhandari   (1/19/2016)

    Thank you Mohit :)

  • Astha Sharma
    Astha Sharma   (1/21/2016)

    M sure u will live ur dream ... Just believe in urself n get going!!!😆

    BUNNY   (1/21/2016)


  • Karan
    Karan   (1/21/2016)

    Wah , nice idea :)

  • ravi
    ravi   (1/22/2016)


  • Binod Tmg
    Binod Tmg   (1/24/2016)

    nice thought bt still hydropower rocks!!✌

  • Sarun Maharjan
    Sarun Maharjan   (1/24/2016)

    ummm abo hajur le euta solar wala topi banaunu!!;)👏✌ And its best way of using natural energy widout any disturbance!!!

  • dpesm
    dpesm   (1/26/2016)

    Solar rebecca

  • Pawan Dangol
    Pawan Dangol   (1/28/2016)

    Very Nice Idea, I like it. Though our country have lots of water resources and also rich in water resources but still we need solar power due to these load shedding which we were having day by day. So it's a very helpful idea for us to reduce somehow this load shedding and makes some relief to us. Thanks and All the Best.

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