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I have come up with a brilliant idea to manage electrical wastes in a proper way so that we can be the savers of the environment, good teachers for the brilliant students, skilled job creators and Social Heroes.

Where do you dispose your old TV when you get a new one? In your store? In your neighbor's open field or in the dustbin? Did you know, electrical goods are detrimental if handled carelessly because they are the nightmare that contain harmful elements like mercury, lead, cadmium and much more and pose many environmental threats too. And, if handled carefully they are the boon in the technological field.

We don't know the environmental, social, health, and economic impacts of mishandling electrical goods. And, all the thanks to the policy makers that we don’t have a proper disposal system for these goods which can be both useful and harmful on the basis of we handle them. Another problem we young Nepalese students face is the lack of technical education. So, I have come up with an idea that can be a single shot solution for both of the problems, a central hub, known as Techno-Lab, where we can collect the unused or damaged electrical goods (mobiles, TV, fans, chargers, wires, computers, laptops, etc.) from all over the country and then we shall  use these goods to teach our students the science behind the making of these goods and encourage them to make new creative products from the resources provided in the supervision of a trained person. The other goods that cannot be handled can be sent for recycling either in our own country or abroad.  

We need to make a certain mechanism by which the electrical goods would reach to the door steps of Techno-Lab, its either by coordinating with the metropolitan city or by creating a place in each and every locality where these goods would be piled up and later the vehicles of Techno-Lab would pick them up. After the goods are brought in Techno-Lab these steps shall be followed: 

1. The trained experts would segregate them according to their usefulness. 

2. If some products are in good condition then they would go for the sales in a very subsidized rate in Techno-Market (a place where our products would be sold). 

3. The goods that need simple mainteinance would be repaired and sent in the Techno-Market. 

4. The useful parts of some goods(that can't be repaired) can be collected and used in another good. 

5. The goods that are beyond repairability would be sent for recycling. 

                    During this process(1 to 5) young minds and interns can be brought and they can be taught by an expert on how the products work, their latest versions, and techniques that are involved in the making etc. Aditionally, students can learn business and managerial skills while these goods are collected and sold out in the market. This would help in the skill development, employment, industrialization and modernization of the whole nation. 

Either the reusable products can be sold to sustain the expenses of the Techno-Lab or The Techno-Lab can distribute the old computers, TVs, batteries, mobiles etc. in the remote areas, where the students are still unknown about these products and hence we can dream of a modern Nepal, Developed Nepal, and a Techno-Nepal.

Target Location :


Target Audience :


Scope :

Benefit :

  1. Environmental: If the electrical goods are re-used and recycled it can impose very less threat to the environment and we can live healthily.
  2. Economic: It will be good for the  Nepalese economy as it has to import less electrical products. People will also get employed and we can create young Nepali entrepreneurs.
  3. Social benefits: People living under poverty line can also use the technology of the modern age in the rural areas.
  4. Educational benefits: Childrens can learn various new things in the technical and management field.

Early Feedbacks from People:

I am really positive about this project as we can generate profit and at the same time we will be serving the society. Thus, I think this is a ground  braking idea that can be implemented in Nepal.

Business Plan

Estimated Human Resources :
  1. Manager(1)
  2. Electric Engineers(2)
  3. Trained electricians(10)
  4. Helpers(5)
  5. Finance officers(2)

Therefore, my initial estimation of human resources is of around 20 people. And if our project starts gaining pace we shall hire more human resources as per the need.

Purpose :

  1. Learn
  2. Reuse
  3. Recycle

The main purpose of my business plan will be to teach young students, Reuse and Recycle the electrical goods that would turn into waste instead.

Problem :

  • Collection of electrical goods.

I think that it would be really problematic and costly to collect the electrical goods and services from many households as we may lack enough funding and human resources.

Solution :

There might be three feasible solution of the above mentioned problems according to my perception:

1. Scrap collectors generally known as "Kagaj bottle vaiya" can collect these goods and then they can come to our lab and we shall bye from them.

2. We can also work in collaboration with the metropolitan cities and municipalities. They can collect the electrical wastages from each and every household  and bring the E-waste to our lab.

3. Another solution for the problem can be a Mobile Application where the citizens would inform about their E-waste through the app and we shall pick them up according to the location by employing our own employees. This can be a cost effective and efficient solution.

Timeline :

1st step: We shall collect the electrical goods.

2nd step: We shall segregate them.

3rd step: We shall make the useful goods out of the segregated goods and send unuseful goods for recycling.

4th step: We shall sell the new products in the rural areas and in various parts of the cities.

In the above mentioned steps we shall include students from various school and colleges and let them learn and lead the small projects, by which they will learn the basics of electrical goods, learn the basics of the managerial aspect.

Market Research :

- Research for most profitable and innovative good should be conducted which will help to sustain the business. 

Intended Customer :

Medium and low earning people from cities and villages.

Technology Required :

Many electrical tools and equipments( mobile applications, electrical machines etc)

Minimum Investment Required :

NPR. 500000.0000

Maximum Investment Required :

NPR. 200000.0000

Estimated Profit Per Year :

NPR. 400000

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