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Treated Bamboos product for construction of houses & handicraft products.

We are aware that , bamboos are cropped in the eastern part of nepal. The farmers are not getting good values of their product as the concept of using the product has not been idealized.  During our relief work for earthquake victims, we realized the importance of the bamboos. Nearly 100000 bamboos were collected from eastern part of nepal & transported to kharidunga-dolkha for treatment (USAID funded project). The treatment is done by chemicals borex & boric acid with water. The drilled bamboos are dipped into the chemicalized water & kept for hours according to the %of treatment specified.

Now the treated bamboos are ready for construction work or handicraft. The treated bamboos lasts for more than 25 years.

Once we market the can well change the scenario of farmers from eastern part of nepal to the every corner of nepal, where bamboos are unavailable. It may become employment producers to the earthquake victims as they are yet to get some hand to mouth ideas.

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