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This idea is all about managing the waste materials and make them use in Energy Generation ( Bio-gas, Electricity) whereas, I believe this some can help in promoting local Entrepreneurship and also uplifting the national economy indirectly by increasing the Employment.

Small cities like ours are easily getting affected from the garbage and the waste materials in health, tourism and national development. Unmanaged waste materials have always been the cause for new diseases and national issues that we are already aware of. To eliminate the garbage problem, incinerators can be used as an alternative means for disposal for the waste products. Incineration of garbage can reduce waste volume immensely. New incinerators are often purported to be sources of green energy and steam produced from incinerators can be utilize to fuel heating systems and generate electricity. Incineration of garbage helps us to uplift the technology by generating energy, health and tourism sector and somehow plays a vital role in country economic growth. 

To implement this idea, we can start from our own space and locality. In every locality we can find a pile of garbage accumulated for past few days. We need to implant a separate organic and recycle waste bin in garbage area or we can create awareness program to manage organic and recycle waste separately by advertising program via television and radio stations. Different kinds of people sustain in our society with divergence of standard and values. High and Middle-class people can pay their fare to garbage collectors but people residing in slum areas can’t afford that privilege. They don’t have other choice than throwing waste to river and open spaces. So, we can offer them a prize for their waste. We can pay 5 or 10 rupees per bag according to size of waste materials they provide to us. Indirectly we are also helping on uplifting their economic status. It makes us easier to collect waste materials from different garbage disposal areas and also from one specific disposal center. From the center we can transfer the waste products to energy generating area from where we can generate fuel and electricity.

The main theme of our team would be to build awareness among the people about this initiative. We can set a level for people to fulfill their need of green energy which can be achieved from the waste that comes out from the daily consumption. We can manage ourselves on the different phases of program for motivating, collecting and storing of waste products for energy generation. 

Target Location :

Target Audience :

Scope :

Benefit :

  • Reduction of waste going to the landfills
  • Landfills usages and its expansion will greatly reduced.
  • Avoidance of disposal costs and landfills taxes.
  • Truking of the wastes long distances can be greatly reduced.
  • Avoid methane emissions from landfills.
  • Domestic production of energy.
  • Benefits to local community as the economy of community is enhanced
  • Stability in availability of energy and its price.
  • Empowering the Local Enterprenuership 

Early Feedbacks from People:

Business Plan

Estimated Human Resources :

Purpose :

Problem :

Solution :

Timeline :

Market Research :

Intended Customer :

Technology Required :

  • Bio-Gas Generation Techniques 
  • Incineration Process for Electricity Generation

Minimum Investment Required :

NPR. 500000.0000

Maximum Investment Required :

NPR. 1000000.0000

Estimated Profit Per Year :

NPR. Approx Minimum 2,00,000

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