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Production of wine from Banana, Orange and its marketing to fulfill consumers demand to reduce the import of foreign wine. It will be new product in market from locally available raw materials and new taste to the consumers.

Beverage consumption in Nepal is increasing day by day with change in the food habit of people. Beverage covers a wide range of liquor and drinks. So beverage industry is a big associated directly with the public’s food and drinking habit.

Today’s consumers are more or less health conscious and equally needs the refreshment in their daily life. Beverage products are basically for the refreshments and enjoyments from the daily drinking habit. People also want their health upgrade or in proper condition while they enjoy or refresh themselves by drinks. And many of the beverages have fulfilled this demand though some alcoholic drinks are not good for health. So, wine industries and their products has been an inevitable essence of modern society.

The demand of wine in Nepal basically depends on the seasonal factors. The alcoholic drinks like hard drinks and wine are likely to have more demand in the colder seasons. Moreover the soft drinks and alcoholic beverage also receives the higher demand in the festivals and the occasions. Wine is a non-alcoholic beverage that is popular with the upper and middle class. It is served at ceremonies and social gatherings, such as weddings, outings, naming ceremonies, house warming, parties, and night clubs. In recent times, table wine has gained wide acceptance owing to its low alcoholic content. It is also a known fact that some brands have medicinal properties, thus owing to changing lifestyles, drinking habits, and health reasons, wine is now generally taken in preference to beer and other spirits.As such, it is now widely consumed by many households, served in hotels, restaurants and aircraft, among others. From the market survey carried out, there is an excellent local market.

Despite the greater demand of wine in Nepal there is no wine industry in the country. People have to pay lager amount to the foreign liquor and as result huge amount of money is flowing out of the country. Moreover, wine available in market are made from apple, grape, grain or other fruit but not banana and orange. So, we will provide consumer the new taste and product. There is only one banana wine industry in Tikapur (Kalu Hamal) and people have to travel long distance to taste the banana wine as it is not produced in commercial scale yet.

So we are planning to run wine industry utilizing the local fruits like banana, orange and provide employment opportunity to the locals. The area under cultivation and total production of banana and orange is also gradually increasing in Nepal which will make the availability of raw materials for the industry.

Oranges are grown in mid-hills districts like Gorkha, Lamjung Palpa, Syangja, Sindhuli and banana is grown in lower region; Chitwan, Nawalparasi, Bara, Parsa, Rupandehi, Kailali. Therefore this idea can be implemented in all places where thre is production of banana and orange.


Materials required

fruits, juice extractor, fermenting tank,potassium carbonate,pectic enzymes, sugar, bentonite,yeast, furnace or stove,  bottles, bottling machine etc.

Manpower required

2 skilled for fermenting and bottling, 3 unskilled for peeling, extraction of juice, filling etc.

Wine making process

 1. Collection of required fruits

2. Grading and sorting of appropriate fruits for wine making

3. Peeling and extracting juice from the fruits(Boiling in case of banana)

4. Filtering the juice with muslin cloth

5. Addition of ingredients (sugar, resin, tannin, potassium carbonate, bentonite,  etc.)

6. Fermentation of juice with yeast

7. De-acidification


9. Maintaining alcoholic percentage


11. Marketing



Team of expert professionals of related field.

Company contacts will allow us to secure contracts for both supply of feedstock and sales of finished goods.

Easily available of raw materials.

Nearness to market areas like Kathmandu valley, Pokhara, Narayangadh, Butwal etc.

Reliable and proven technology.

Strict conformation to environmental standards.

Popularity of natural wine among people.

Increasing health consciousness of people.



Relatively new business in Nepalese context.

Irregular supply of raw materials may occur due to climate change.



No banana and orange wine company in Nepal.

Rising market demand due to increase in use of wine.

New taste of wine.



 Political instability may cause pose risks in expansion and business.

 Shortage of regular power supply.

 Unavailability of raw materials due to strike, natural disasters.

 Sudden interruption in the machines.

 Change in technology.

 Foreign products.

Target Location :

Target Audience :

Scope :

Benefit :

Utilization of local resources and employments to local people.

Encourage professional wine production and raising the living standards.

Provide the platform to establish a strong entrepreneurship culture.

Encourage and avoid the gap between the agro and firms.

Utilization of surplus fruits.

Self-dependency reducing the import.

Refreshment without degrading the health of the consumers.

New flavor and taste to consumers while using the beverage products.

Provide clean, pure and hygienic products to the consumers.

Development of national economy.

Early Feedbacks from People:

Business Plan

Estimated Human Resources :

Purpose :

Problem :

Solution :

Timeline :

Market Research :

Intended Customer :

Technology Required :

1. Syphoning tube

2. Juice extractor

3. Controlled Fermentation tank

4. Bottling machine


Minimum Investment Required :

NPR. 500000.0000

Maximum Investment Required :

NPR. 100000000.0000

Estimated Profit Per Year :

NPR. 500000

5 Comments on “Wine production from Banana and Orange”

  • sanjay
    sanjay   (1/29/2016)

    Nepali wine haru pani xan jastai hingwa, divine wine, ani aru haru pani xan !!

  • suresh
    suresh   (1/29/2016)

    yes there are some nepali wine industry but not the commercialized banana and orange wine....

  • bhuwan
    bhuwan   (1/30/2016)

    nice concept dude

  • Avinab
    Avinab   (2/4/2016)

    Innovative idea friend

  • SUman
    SUman   (2/4/2016)

    new and feasible idea in context with nepal

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