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My idea is inspired by collective wishes of environmental conservation, women empowerment, health promotion and the most above all economically robust societies.

Lapsi, scientifically called 'Chorespondias axillaris' and commonly named hog plum is a deciduous tree which can grow up to 20m tall. It is specially valued for it's edible fruit-the native fruit of Nepal. The plant starts fruiting when about 7-10 years old from seed.

Benefits when viewed economically is tremendous with optimum industrial scope owing to high market demand and values that the products produced from the fruit provide.

The major product from the flesh and skin of the fruit is 'sour', locally called 'madas' or 'titauras', which further can be processed to dry or wet-hot, sour, sweet or salty products. Besides candies and jellies are highly preferred.

Unprocessed forms are turned to pickles-canned or uncanned, juices and in flavoring of dishes-chatpate, panipuri and momo for instance, which are popular beyond limits.

Me myself being very fond of lapsi and its products, took an interest on it and found this little local fruit of Nepal brings in it magnificent opportunities.

No doubt, everyone loves its craving products; hopefully this idea holds matter of interest.

Target Location :

Target Audience :

Scope :

Benefit :

1. Serves as a foundation for local employment, especially the women who can involve in these products producing factories. Making good use of time after household chores or looking babies along.

2. The fruit is a very rich source of Vitamin-C, also important in increasing blood volume and flow.

3. The stony seed, locally called 'chyampati' can be used in brick kilns and briquettes as fuel.

4. Seed is also popular among children as marble like playing stuff.

5. Many schools purchase seeds and use them help children count numbers and as recreational item for .arts and crafts after coloring them.

6. Fibrous bark can be used for making ropes.

7. Trunk is also used as fuel and as light constructing timber.

8. Environmentally, useful in extending greenery and forest area. It can be pioneer fruit tree in reforestation and afforestation projects.

9. It can be planted in degraded woodlands, any open areas and naked hills thus preventing risk of calamities in landslide prone country of ours.

Hence the idea is suggestive of maximum benefits from lowest possible investments and would contribute significantly to utilization of local resources with local skill and human power.

Other notable point is that 'titauras' or sour could be a brand new product to the world and it could take up the international markets in case of appropriate initialization and extension.

Early Feedbacks from People:

Business Plan

Estimated Human Resources :

One who has idea on soil and climate requirement and proper nurturing procedure for lapsi cultivation may be required. One who has good idea of lapsi processing required Otherd, even unskilled people and leisurely housewives can do good. not much operating expenses as highly skilled employee not required, later processes can be done as a family business.

Purpose :

Maintaining and caring cultivated young plants and trees Fruit collection and processing Preparing titauras and other lapsi products Packaging and marketing Keeping business record and enhancing further investment

Problem :

  • Lapsi is a seasonal plant Repair problem in case of machinery damage
  • Fruiting initially can make us wait
  • challenge to satisfy consumers desire of taste

Solution :

  • Adequate collection of fruit and proper storage Protection of trees from possible danger
  • Repairment of machine possible Alternately, boiling in large drums and manual smashing of lapsi can be done
  • ensurement that the product is healthy and meets taste expectations of consumers

Timeline :

one time investment for cultivation then short term return low capital , reasonable return business

Market Research :

better to supply to places where still products hardly have reached, no doubt about its popularity in all regions and all seasons

Intended Customer :

  • primarily for general public consumer. specially young people prefer having products made of lapsi. it is popular among young girls
  • its business scope can be increased by seeing the consumers beyond national border
  • Others, lapsi seeds to brick factories as fuel and to schools as material for art and crafts and counting tool Timbers to carpentry or as fuel in local market Barks for making rope

Technology Required :

  • grindingg machine
  • boiling machine, flex board for drying purpose.
  • apart from that no other sophiscated technology or machinery required

Minimum Investment Required :

NPR. 400000.0000

Maximum Investment Required :

NPR. 800000.0000

Estimated Profit Per Year :

NPR. 400000

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  • Birat timilsina
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    nice thought anita...........

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    Appreciable move dear

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    Nice one

  • rituraj
    rituraj   (2/2/2016)

    nice idea.. Anita... we get lots of advantages from lapsi cultivation

  • Ojash Shrestha
    Ojash Shrestha   (2/2/2016)

    An idea that can flourish in International Market for Sure if the Transaction of Pickle to Foreign Nation be easily managed.

  • Palistha
    Palistha   (2/3/2016)

    I see a great scope in it... good luck

  • Upadhyay Maya
    Upadhyay Maya   (2/3/2016)

    Its quiet informative for all of us..Thanks Anita di for your initiative..keep going on further...

  • Bibek
    Bibek   (2/3/2016)

    possibility is there

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    sound good :)

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    Anil   (2/3/2016)

    all the best.. its really a matter to think of... great to hear

  • Roshan
    Roshan   (2/3/2016)

    great thought...local people seem to be greatly benefitted

  • Sanjay
    Sanjay   (2/3/2016)

    nice, loved it

  • rajesh dada
    rajesh dada   (2/3/2016)

    i like it. its gud supab....

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    Lokesh   (2/3/2016)

    Rmro xa idea..mann paryo

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    Laxmi Joshi   (2/4/2016)

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    Sujit   (2/4/2016)

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    Nishan Gainju   (2/4/2016)

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  • Manish
    Manish   (2/4/2016)

    I think this idea can be given a thought. It can help uplift national economy. As mentioned international trade can sure fluorish. Gud luck.I like the idea.Keep it up

  • Rama
    Rama   (2/4/2016)

    Good one..I am too fond of products of lapsi. It holds good business scheme.

  • Poonam
    Poonam   (2/4/2016)

    nicely presented...I didnt know other uses of lapsi. Thank u

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    Rachana   (2/4/2016)

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