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This is an integrated model for farming. The waste of kitchen is utilized as feed for rabbit and waste of rabbit is used as feed in fish pond and vegetable garden. Hence no expense on fertilizer and feeds

The donation and food supply can’t make the earthquake self-reliant in the long run. The government also is not in the situation to create the job for all of them. Hence agriculture is the only option to make them self-reliant on the long term. In my model every component is interlinked. It’s very simple and self-sustaining model. The waste of rabbit is as food source for the fish and vegetable garden. The kitchen waste is used as feed source for the rabbit, hence very low cost of rearing. And rabbit is not that much infected by disease and insect so the management is also very simple for the farmers. One female and two male rabbit can produce around 50 kg of meat per year. The tomato farming gives economical yield for 6 months (Srijana variety under poly house). The water in the pond will be available for the vegetable garden in the water scarce period so the production of vegetables will also be higher. Fish can be consumed in home or sold in the market as well.


family size:4

Total rabbits: 1 female 2 male

Pond area: 100 m square

Tomato production area: 7 by 4 m square

vegetabel gareden: 200 m squre

In addition of this there will also be marginal area for production of grasses for feeding rabbit or other livestock, which is of low concern here

Target Location :

duradada, Lamjung

Target Audience :

General farmers

Scope :

Benefit :

-year round income for the person

-Eco-friendly agriculture approach

-the dependency on chemical fertilizer is reduced

-improvement in the health of family (due to farm products and meat)

-can be upgraded to commercial form

- Less technical knowledge is required

-management is easy

-more of organic approach

Early Feedbacks from People:

Business Plan

Estimated Human Resources :

a total of 8 people or 2 household will be required. this model is being developed for the rural community so in commercial scale with proper skill the number of people will be less.

Purpose :

the purpose of this business plan is to develop an agriculture model which is less technical as well as cheap and utilizes the locally avilable materials. For the feed local vegetetation and kitchen waste will be used which will reduce the cost of feed.

Problem :

  • There is food scarcity and malnutrition in the rural community.
  • Farmers dont get good price with cereal and vegetables
  • Expensive farming of chicken and more disease problem

Solution :

  • To introduce meat of high quality with required minerals and vitamins ( as in rabbit and fish meat)
  • Introduction of fast growin rabbit cum fish model in village which will produce higher rate of return
  • since there is no commercial feed involved, this model is relatively cheap

Timeline :

Feb: training to the farmers about rabbit farming and construction of cage

March: stocking of the fish

April: observation of rabbit growth and grass planting

Mar: Observation of rabbit growth

May: observation of rabbit growth

Jun: observation of fish and rabbit growth

July:selling of rabbits and fish obervation

Aug: harvesting of fish and rabbit selling


Market Research :

Market research will be done via conducting a survey to the major market i.e Sundarbazar and Besisahar

Intended Customer :

  • Local community of Sundarbazar and khatrithati ( close market from duradada)
  • Supply to the 3 stars hotel in Besisahar (capital city of Lamjung)
  • Foreing tourist


Technology Required :

Minimum Investment Required :

NPR. 700000.0000

Maximum Investment Required :

NPR. 150000.0000

Estimated Profit Per Year :

NPR. 50000

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