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This business is one easy and straight forward business anybody can start and make profit almost immediately. Starting a pallet business for recycling is indeed a lucrative and a fulfilling business. You will get to earn and help for the promotion of the cleanliness of the environment.

If you are looking for a business that will require very little start up capital, then you may want to tinker with starting a wood pallet recycling business. This is one business that can fetch you constant money as long as you don’t mind trying your hands on some wood work. A pallet recycling business involves sourcing for old pallet woods, repairing the broken pallets woods and reselling it at a higher price. There will remain a constant demand for pallet woods for a long while to come, with a good advert system, you can transform this business to a constant source of income. 

Most of the wood pallets you collected may be broken and in need of repairs; you can spend some time to repair the wood. The repair process is nothing strenuous; the oak woods amongst them can be repaired by drilling a hole with the electric driller; while you do the rest with some nails and a hammer.

Wood pallets are safer for our environment than plastic. 

Required raw materials :

  • An electric driller
  • work glove
  • nails
  • hammers to carry out the repairs

Can be used in :

  • Many companies that manufacture ships and boats prefer to work with wood pallets instead of plastics in the construction of boat
  • Local manufacturing companies
  • furnishing and decoration

Target Location :

tourist and vip areas

Target Audience :


Scope :

Benefit :

  • Low investment
  • safer for environment
  • can make a reasonable profit at the end of the recycling process and sales

Early Feedbacks from People:

Got positive and good response

And the interest of people toward this idea encouraged me to describe more about "wood pallet recycling"



Business Plan

Estimated Human Resources :

as per the need and size of the business

Purpose :

  1. low investment so any one can start
  2. waste disposal and environment issue
  3. Reduced overall pallet costs
  4. Environmentally-friendly

Problem :

gathering and collecting the broken or damaged wood pallets

Solution :

  • contracting with big hotels and apartments
  • and many other companies


Timeline :

Once in a pallet processing facility, the different materials are separated, managed, and recycled according to their highest end-use and marketability.  Depending on their material type, pallets can be broken down and recycled .  The most common type, wooden pallets, are usually considered clean wood and can be dismantled for scrap wood, chipped, composted, turned into yard mulch, or used as boiler fuel. All these process will take about 2 weeks to accomplish.

Market Research :

Companies in the Wood Pallet manufacture wood pallets, wood box shool, wood skids other wood containers and wood parts for pallets and containers. U.S. yearly consumption of pallets is 800 million a year, costing over $10 billion (according to National Wooden Pallet and Container Association). But no steps have yet been found in Nepal. This can be the start for the change.

Intended Customer :

those who wants to decorate and furnish 

Technology Required :

As already mentioned, no expertise required to start the business so all it need are some tools like; 

  • An electric driller
  • work glove
  • nails
  • hammers to carry out the repairs


Minimum Investment Required :

NPR. 15000.0000

Maximum Investment Required :

NPR. 1500000.0000

Estimated Profit Per Year :

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7 Comments on “wood pallet recycling”

  • Jyoti Duwa
    Jyoti Duwa   (1/13/2016)

    i never thought that it would be possible to use in that way.. i am gonna make it implemented and encourage others to do to.. along with trying to concerve the environment and natural resources..

  • Romash Kusma
    Romash Kusma   (1/14/2016)

    we hab an abudant amount of wood pattete with this idea its possible for people like us to tun our livelihood and earn some money.. Thanks you so very much.. This idea deserves a hats off.. thanks whosoever who came out with such a faboulous idea.. Thaanks..

  • Saji Suwal
    Saji Suwal   (1/15/2016)

    Good Idea

  • Prabesh
    Prabesh   (1/20/2016)

    thanks all of u :D

  • aman kilambu
    aman kilambu   (1/26/2016)

    This idea is awesome

  • nhuja
    nhuja   (1/26/2016)

    Nice idea bro :v

  • your ad
    your ad   (2/23/2016)

    i like this idea. i don't have good income to sustain so I definitely gonna implement and will feedback this idea soon. Once again thanks for sharing this idea

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